Ralph Burg’s new single ‘Time To Sing’

26 year old Ralph Burgos aka Ralph Burg is a hip-hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. His mastery of the various poetic literary elements, songwriting, improvising( free-styling, battle rap), and adeptness in applying such strengths in the recording process are what make Ralph Burg a Must Follow music artist.

Ralph Burg has worked with various recording studios such as, Crosby Collective, Caddy Corner Studios, and Plain Truth Ent.

Last year Ralph Burg released a few singles, “Gettin’ By”, “From Me to You”, “Herb Liqueur” and “Peace II”, a few freestyles(“Bound 2 freestyle”) was featured on Coast 2 Coast Indie Top 50 mixtape series, and performed at SOB’s, Santos Party House, Tamanny Hall, Club Pyramid, and Arlenes Grocery club just to name a few venues.

Ralph Burg has worked with various producers: JoeGunna, SatLite, MiaMee, Steve Sola, Hannibal King, Kush Klein, Steve Sola from Plain Truth Ent( worked with 50 cent, Mobb Deep, Biggie Duets,Ty Nitty, Mariah Carey, Aubrey O’day etc.) and Bainz Angad (Consequence, Rita Ora etc.)

Born August 18th, 1988 to mother Mary Abadia Burgos and father Ralph Burgos, Ralph Andre Burgos Jr. is the oldest of four. What better blend of NYC’s urban culture than a child exposed to the Staten Island and Brooklyn way of living. Ralph’s first exposure to music came as a passenger in his mother’s Mercury Cougar. That atmosphere of the pre- Bloomberg, pre 9-11 New york City era is what laid Ralph’s lyrical foundation. From the word play and metaphors of Biggie, lyricism of Tupac and the cypher-centric collaborations between the Wu-Tang Clansmen, freestyle (KTU 103.5 FM) and soul samples of the golden era of music, Ralph gave strong attention to rhythm, soul, lyricism, and production of his music.

Fast forward to the teens, Ralph has been writing, and cyphering since the cafeteria days. 13 years of writing rhymes, & cyphering, Ralph Burg is a professional artist with or without mainstream credentials.

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Korveil official music video for ‘Feeling Alive’

Korveil is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago, Illinois. He is well known for his behind the scenes work as a recording studio engineer, background/hook vocalist, and his sought after photography skills. He has also managed and guided the careers of many local dance music artist.

Korveil’s music is a blend of old school Chicago House with today’s current EDM sounds. He elaborates, “as a singer I want my records to be vocal driven and not overshadowed by the beat”. In fact, he used the abbreviation for “vocals” which is “vox” into naming his imprint VOXO Music Group.

Korveil’s multifaceted behind the scenes work stretches from Ramsey Lewis, Lupe Fiasco, Bruno Mars, B.O.B, Iyaz, David Rush, The Cataracs, Havana Brown, Mia Martina, Cobra Starship, to many more. His music has been televised on America’s Best Dance Crews, So You Think You Can Dance, and 90210.

In 2014, Korveil decided to take his talents to the west coast. Feeling like he had a new start, that is where he was inspired to create the record “Feeling Alive”, noting lyrics “I got a second chance at life”. Initially, the song was in negotiation to be recorded by a major pop artist, but days before finalizing the deal, he received bad news that two of his friends had been killed in Chicago. Korveil says, “immediately I heard the words to the song speaking to me, and I felt I had to sing this one”.

The “Feeling Alive” music video is an anti-depressant. It is a fun collection of footage showcasing dancers, musicians, and random people from the streets of Los Angeles, and Chicago. The EDM energy of the track puts you in a good mood, the video makes you smile, and by the end of the song you will be singing along.

Due to the momentum from “Feeling Alive”, Korveil decided to remain in the forefront, with plans to release a string of dance records in 2015. “Everything” releasing in February, “Who You Are” in April, and an EP in the summer. He say’s, “all of these records have fun energy and inspirational lyrics”. He’s also in the studio writing and producing songs for other artists.

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Bill Deiz single ‘Rather Have Sooner’ and new memoir

Billy Ray Deiz has had a lot of success with his single “Rather Have Sooner” since the last time MuzicNotez featured him in the July of 2014 Magazine. On January 17, 2015, he was informed that “Rather Have Sooner” entered The Broadjam Top 10 charts on the Oregon Top 10 at #10! And for a reason! The song has that bluesy twang and groovy soul to get your fingers snapping and your body moving.

As said in his last appearance in the MuzicNotez Magazine, Billy Ray isn’t wet behind the ears. He was one of the founding members of The Seven Souls (1960), opening for big names such as James Brown and The Righteous Brothers. When the war escalated in Vietnam, Deiz was drafted into the Marine Corps as a rifleman at Camp Pendleton, but never set foot in Vietnam. You can read more about Billy Ray’s start by reading his last review by MuzicNotez!

Billy Ray Deiz has lived quite a life which has led him into writing a memoir, “Chasing America, How I Found My Dream”. The book is filled with his experiences with racism and classification, his view on WWII up until today’s world, drawbacks that he has overcome, and folks who have supported and inspired him along the way. Other important qualities of the book include Deiz’s life as a kid from Harlem and his upbringing in Portland, Oregon, being Co-Founder of The Seven Souls (which was one of the fiery American Soul bands of the 60s), his successful newsman career as an Award Winning Television News Anchor, and as an actor in Los Angeles! Living such a well-rounded life and not sharing it with the world, would be criminal. Be sure to put Billy Ray Deiz’s inspirational Memoir, “Chasing America, How I Found My Dream”, on your reading list and to listen to his single “Rather Have Sooner”!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez

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DF3 official music video for ‘Tell Me’

DF3 conceived a hit when they put together their debut single, the synth-based “Tell Me”. The hit’s music video was recently released, and features various scenery from Brooklyn, New York along with frequent breakouts into dance. While there are no signs of singing until after the first stanza, each band member gets at minimum a brief cameo and are viewed showing their vocal appreciation of the catchy nature of the song.

The tone of the video transitions from ominous to upbeat rather quickly, but night-time Brooklyn carries the original impression of wonder and awe as the final frame reveals a massive shot of the city at sunrise. Unfocused lighting and flares add to the effect of an exciting nightlife in the city, but blurred backgrounds can become overdone quickly. As the video progresses, the time appears closer and closer to sunrise and the night transgresses subtly. The video follows the song in a way that does not distract from the music, but provides intriguing yet focused visuals on the performers and a particular model.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Austin Heath @Nerfblasterpro www.AustinsMusicPicks.com

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New artist UNIQUE ready to unleash debut EP ‘YunG Love’ & lead single ‘Love Me’

US rapper and musician takes aim at the UK on February 9th

A New York based hip hop artist with a contemporary sound reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Mac Miller, UNIQUE is a young musician and rapper who is ready to make an impact in the UK with his new single and three track EP.

The EP, is a strong introduction to the vocal and writing talents of the young artist, gives you a very good idea of why this music is already winning the respect of the likes of 50 Cent and Raheem Devaughn in UNIQUE’s native USA.

The lead single from the EP is ‘Love Me’, which you can hear here:

A self-taught musician who plays drums and guitar as well as writing and rapping, UNIQUE is marking himself out from the rest of the pack with his youthful exuberance and an obvious love for what he is doing. He recently took part in a US college tour and won fans along the way with his relatable lyrics of young love, youth culture and more. UNIQUE’s talents don’t end with his musical skills. The maverick is also a talented dancer, performing as part the Battle Fest dance league.

His captivating live shows continue to turn heads, while an ear for comedy and a nice line in celeb impressions give him an extra dimension as a performer too. This multi-talented approach stands him in good stead for an assault on the UK music industry – this is one artist who is truly charismatic and, well, unique.

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