Headbanger Battle CHAMPS Fatal Instinct

CONGRATS to the Headbanger Battle Champs Fatal Instinct!

The Headbanger Battle brought us our last two MuzicNotez Battles champs, and never disappoint. This time was no different with a back and forth battle for first place from start to finish. The Canadian metal band Fatal Instinct and Pennsylvania, USA metal band Seraphine jumped ahead of the pack early and battled for first place the entire time. It came down to the final day after 2 weeks of battling and Fatal Instinct came out on top to become the next Headbanger champ! They have proven to have an amazing fan base, which they will now need to support them again in the upcoming Championship Battle to win it all.

Arising from the depths of Langley BC’s infamous “Bible Belt” is FATAL INSTINCT, a band born out of mutual frustration with today’s disappointing Metal offerings and a genuine desire to create a true “Neoteric Sound.”

Winning Track: Firing Squad

Facebook: Facebook.com/FatalMusic666
Twitter @Devilstowerband
Vancouver, Canada

Drummer Scott Aquino and vocalist James Buhs (both x- Devil’s Tower) formed in March 2012, looking to create music without limits and rules. In the pre-writing stage of the band’s existence and together they have merged technical style and vividly detailed arrangements into a distinctive sound that has rocked the Fraser Valley. Entering the cage match mid 2012, bassist Chris Campbell (The Mighty One) rounds out “FI,” throwing down a thunderous combination of arrangement and tonality flair.

Politics, war, addiction and personal relationships all weigh heavy lyrically, paired with epic choruses that are sure to incite the audience into a mass, unified, revolutionary chant.

As a cohesive writing force, the band has a driving passion to raise the bar on their craft… gone are the stagnant and predictable “Metal-esque” clichés we have all come to hate, leaving plenty of room for full-on, explosive arrangements and shredding passages.

According to James… “FATAL INSTINCT represents not only the wrong choices in life, the temptation, greed… BUT rising above, learning from mistakes and striving for persistence.”

Currently, the band is working on its first full length album and planning their U.S. summer festival tour while filming the process as they rise from the dust to a full “Wreck’ning” force! “FI’s” Youtube channel treats fans to plenty of candid behind-the-scenes video including their first radio interview with “68 Radio” out of San Diego California.

FATAL INSTINCT is a DIY band, not taking NO for an answer, being all seasoned veterans of the metal world with a number of successes to their names, this band is going hard and here to stay.

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The Fireflies burn bright with self-titled debut EP

London duo’s six track release set for late July

Facebook: Facebook.com/TheFirefliesBand
Twitter: @FirefliesLondon
YouTube: YouTube.com/TheFirefliesBand
Website: www.TheFireflies.co.uk
Future headline gigs:
The Troubadour on 24 July
The Bedford on 14 August
Clare Island Seafood Festival in Ireland on 22 August
Barfly Camden on 10 October

After a chance shuffling of desks in an Old Street office, Harry and Luca formed The Fireflies. They release their glittering debut EP in late July.

Having cast off suit, boot and tie for a career in the music industry, Harry (vocals, guitar) and Luca (guitar) are busy building their fast growing fan-base. They have already flown high with top quality recordings, a gig at the 2014 Trinity Cambridge May Ball and busking to huge crowds on London’s South Bank.

Voice, woven guitars and poetic lyrics are the trademark of The Fireflies’ debut six track album. Check out their first release, ‘Silver Leaflets’ :

Writing and performing is in The Fireflies’ DNA. Nephew of legendary actor Daniel Day-Lewis, Harry turned heads of record execs from Universal Music after an impromptu cover of ‘Superstition’ with The Noisettes at his uncle’s film premiere after party. He then opened for The Sugababes, and performed solo at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Oxford’s Big Band. Harry’s former harmonies group were crowned world runners up at ICCA (collegiate A Cappella), to a packed Lincoln Centre in New York, with his rendition of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’. Following that, the group sold out three runs of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Already flying high, The Fireflies’ path is set to burn bright with the release of their new EP at the end of the month.

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Allie & Ivy ‘Cowboys and Indians’

I don’t feature a lot of music from Down Under, I don’t seem to be able to find the right ones. But when I do, you know it gotta be good!

With a beat as hypnotic as Indian drums, those crystal clear keys and that catchy fresh hook, I got two words for you…
Infectious deliciousness!

And while Allie & Ivy just dropped some new stuffs, let us all play ‘Cowboys And Indians’, shall we?

Check in with Allie & Ivy on:
Twitter: @AllieAndIvy
Facebook: facebook.com/AllieAndIvy
Soundcloud: Single ‘Cowboys And Indians’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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Weaver’s official music video for ‘Addict’

I discover brand spanking new music in different ways and this Soul-ish HipHop joint I found through the highly recommendable RorMix app!

I was already hooked to this dope track the first few beats in. You can’t do nothing but digging this fresh beat, smooth keys, the raw vocals of Down North‘s own Anthony Briscoe and when Weaver starts spittin’?

Check in with Weaver on:
Twitter: @TheNickWeaver
Facebook: facebook.com/NickWeaver206
Website: weaver.fm
Bandcamp: Single ‘Addict’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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Amen Alibi ‘Go Some More’

Listen to ‘Go Some More’ now >>

Rick Couture, Five time award winning song writer of 30 years is the backbone of Amen Alibi playing acoustic guitar, drums, keys, backup vocals and harmonies, recording on indie label Ravaka Records.

Rick along with a vast array of talented musicians have brought his musical compositions and ideas to audible life.

Amen Alibi’s live setting consist of Rick, Johnny Sousa (recording partner and harp player for the band) and six Berklee College of Music musicians, who’s resume’ includes a Jefferson Starship tour.

Amen Alibi released their debut album “Leap of Faith” July 4, 2013 receiving a song writing award for the “I’m Dying” track, and their second album, “Addicted” on March 29, 2014, and has alredy received four songwrtiting awards. “Break Down And Cry” and “Blame It On The Moon” are currently in the top 50 on the Digital Radio Tracker rock charts.

A music video for Break Down And Cry, and, a DVD of their live television broadcast of their album release concert on “Live From Center Stage” are both in post production and soon to be released.

The band is currently putting dates together for the first Amen Alibi tour.

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