Jonathan Cavier debut solo single ‘January’

Jonathan Cavier is a pop singer/songwriter that has had a ton of success over the years, and now has revolutionized himself as an artist before his new solo debut. Previously known as Alan Clark in atmospheric pop duo EyeTalk, he released 5 albums and toured the globe. Now, he’s transformed himself and is ready to release his new identity to the world.

Cavier’s first solo single release is entitled ‘January’ which was released April 15th, 2016. A lot of his signature musical traits still shine through in his new solo work such as his signature blend of acoustic guitars, 12-string basses, keyboards and passionate vocals. However, he has fused his 80′s influences with today’s to bring a fresh new sound all his own.

January is the first single off the upcoming debut solo album fittingly named ‘Premier’ which is set to release June 17th, 2016. The official music video for ‘January’ was filmed in Northern California where Cavier is originally from, and was produced by Dave Lepori. Jonathan’s music has a ton of depth, and is fueled by a wide range of emotion. We can’t wait to hear the full new album!

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Quick Wicked – Hustle Monkey EP Review

Twitter: @QuickWicked

Hustle Monkey by Quick Wicked took me on quite a ride during my first listen. Musically and lyrically, it struck me as a complete, contemplative, yet exciting album. The Canadian band showcases its considerable musical experience with time signature variation, complex yet catchy guitar parts, and unexpected, interesting vocal phrasing. I was especially drawn in by the commanding presence of the bass guitar, often drowned out in modern recordings of the same upbeat rock style.

Like Two Drops of Water is the EP’s heavy hitter; from the opening few moments I was captivated instantly by the opening riff, which then exploded into blistering lead guitar and a chugging rhythm. Later in the song, the guitar tracks make themselves just sparse enough to expose a gritty, distorted bass line that might just be one of my favorite pieces in the entire album.

Another standout was the haunting, barely-over-one-minute instrumental Blackened. This short break in the otherwise upbeat album illustrates the band’s careful arrangement abilities, with a gorgeous guitar melody and soaring, sustained high notes.

The cryptic lyrics and interesting vocal phrasing keep my attention locked in throughout the performance, delivering intriguing lines like Christ your nirvana repeats the same in the EP’s title track. On all fronts, the Ontario natives have crafted an album with story and depth, definitely worth multiple listens.

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Lexxica’s second single release ‘Hearts Collide’

Los Angeles EDM artist Lexxica is back again with her second single release ‘Hearts Collide’, which dropped April 22nd. The follow up release to ‘Hello Friday’ does not disappoint! With the bass steadily kicking throughout combined with her soaring vocals this song is definitely going to get you moving. ‘Hearts Collide’ is a soundtrack to that exhilarating love struck feeling when two people are falling for each other, something we can all relate to.

This is the second release off of her upcoming debut EP which is set to release this summer. She co-wrote the lyrics with the producer Rusty Varenkamp, whom she also worked with on the rest of the EP. They have formed a formidable team, and Lexxica has been rewarded by being named “Artist of the Month” in Raver Magazine. That’s no surprise to us, and a lot more awards are on their way.

Stay tuned here for the debut EP release, I’m sure you’re as excited as we are!

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Michael Egleton new album ‘Thats Alright “The Rewind”‘

Michael Egleton is a favorite of ours here at MuzicNotez and we’re always ecstatic to see something new coming our way from him. If you’ve been paying any attention at all here, you already know he’s a Soul, Jazz and blues singer out of Ohio. He’s received countless well deserved awards over the years for his various single, video and album releases which cross over various genres. His last album ‘A Look Into My Heart’ received the Akademia Music Award for Best In Jazz and a 2016 IMA Music Award nomination.

The legendary Michael Egleton always writes his music from his heart, and the music is meant to feed your soul. The smooth, refreshing sound Michael and his team creates can encompass you and get you through any situation. Michael is living proof of this, as he recently lived through the heartbreaking loss of his younger brother, sister and nephew all within a month. It’s his music, and heartfelt lyrics that helped him pull through all of this. I’m positive it has the same effect on others.

Michael’s upcoming album That’s Alright “The Rewind” is currently being finished up. This project is being produced by the same group as ‘A Look Into My Heart’ including producers West MCraw and Samuel Haygood. The leading hit single is entitled Pop “Rewound” which is currently receiving airplay worldwide and rising to #1 on Reverbnation/Billboard charts alike. Next up are the official releases of the singles “Behind These Walls” featuring Bob Esterle and Stank “Wound Up” featuring Samuel Haygood on the synth keys. Along with this is a video premiere that we can’t wait to see! Also, stay tuned here for an upcoming in depth interview with Michael coming soon.

So sit back, relax and let Michael Egletons smooth grooves take over and sooth your soul.

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Sarantos new single ‘Dreamer’

Sarantos Continues Being a Day Dreamer And Releases A New Music Video.

Has anyone ever had their dream come true? This music video is probably one that Sarantos is most proud of as it involves clouds, drones, green screens and is downright pretty cool especially because it is very relatable to the everyday person!

Sarantos feels like all of his dreams are coming true. Excluding instrumentals, this new rock song “Dreamer” achieved the best reviews to date. Sarantos is proud to preach to anyone who will listen. There is no reason to wait for fate or chance. Everyone should follow their dreams and see where they lead. This music video is essentially about a boy who finally reaches for the stars, and with a little help from up above, makes it to the dream girl.

“I feel like all of my dreams are coming true,” says Sarantos. “This rock song has gotten incredible reviews and it’s been rated the highest out of all my songs which is perfect because I’ve always been a dreamer. There’s no doubt about that but I’ve always worked hard to get what I want and nothing’s been handed to me. I’ve never been scared of work. I definitely get that from my dad. However, there is one thing that I’ve never pursued yet always dreamed about. I’ve been scared silly to admit for my entire life how much I really wanted to be a rock star! That all changed with my father’s death and I decided to go for it. That’s the story of how I got started down this path and launched my solo musical career. My only regret is that I waited this long to go for it. My advice to everyone out there is to follow your heart. There’s no reason not to!”

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