Jazz group Sasha’s Bloc new album ‘Heart on Fire’

A collective of jazz artists who brilliantly meld into a beautiful crash of intricate sounds, is what you get with Sasha Bloc’s Band, “Heart on Fire” album. The brilliant mind of Mister or better yet, Master Alex Gershman, would be a wonderful land to travel if it were accessible. He is not only the bassist of Sasha Bloc, but the mastermind behind the goodies that are left for us to fill up and feel good about it. Take a trip back to the 20s, 30s, and 40s, and swish your hips and snap your fingers to an era of musical seduction.

Speaking of seduction, listen up to “Heart on Fire” featuring Jane Monheit. Desperation, lust, and infatuation, sung into a sweaty exhaustion of delicious release from a love that no longer was loving back.

The “Heart on Fire” album is definitely a must for those who LOVE the jazz scene and in general, LOVE and APPRECIATE each song being delicately assembled into masterpieces.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez

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Court Royal urge you to ‘Watch Yourself’ in brand new single

Life affirming funk tune release on May 29th through Fly on the Wall Records

Court Royal are a Liverpool/London based four piece who specialise in funk and soul laden pop, earning comparisons to the likes of Bruno Mars, Prince, Jamiroquai, Maroon 5 and George Clinton. These comparisons alone are high praise indeed, but when you can say you’ve gained approval from the likes of Charles Wright – writer of timeless classic ‘Express Yourself’ – you know you’re on to a winner.

Their new single ‘Watch Yourself’, is further proof that they are hitting all the right notes in the UK music industry. Approached by a Sony producer who heard their music and wanted to get involved, he helped co-produce the single at Liverpool’s Motor Museum studios. This producer, who has previously recorded with Iggy Azalea, Lily Allen, and Britney, loved working with the band so much that he has committed to helping out on future tracks as well.

In the meantime, ‘Watch Yourself’ is a grooving triumph, encouraging people to work for what they believe in despite what others think of their talents. It’s a positive message in a world that’s all too negative sometimes, and you can hear it for yourself here:

With the single due on May 29th, the next couple of months are set to be very busy for Court Royal. May 24th sees them play a hugely anticipated show at Goodison Park, the home of Everton Football Club, while in August they will take to the stage as part of the bill at the prestigious Strawberry Fields Festival. And, with an upcoming album already in the bag, it’s unlikely things will quieten down for Court Royal anytime soon.

It all feeds perfectly into the band’s main aim – to bring FUNK back to the UK music scene in 2015. And with previous single ‘Can’t Get Enough’ fast tracked onto the BBC Introducing playlist on the same night as it was uploaded, that target doesn’t feel like an impossible one.

Aside from the music, Court Royal also have something of a unique boast – how many bands can say that two of their members work for the emergency services? Juggling high pressure work like that with creating top class music can’t be easy, but in the case of Court Royal, it is all taken in stride.

Keep an eye on Court Royal in 2015 – ‘Watch Yourself’ is unleashed on May 29th.

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The HARDKISS ready to make ‘Strange Moves’ with new single

New track featuring Kazaky out in the UK on June 8th

Coming to the UK and already a prime candidate for radio play, ‘Strange Moves’ is the new single from dance pop progressive pop group The HARDKISS and collaborator Kazaky.

Having already won national music awards for Best Album and Best Single at the Yuna Awards in their native Ukraine, the Kiev based group are already hugely popular close to home*. Now they are coming to Britain to spread their own brand of independent dance pop progressive pop to a wider audience. Their unique blend of independent spirit and pop music, plus a varied influence base which includes Rita Ora and Paramore at opposite ends of the spectrum, stands them in good stead to continue making a name for themselves on these shores.

And with the help of this slick, colourful video, they’re set to do just that.

Self-contained and very proud of it, the songs are composed, recorded and produced in house, as are the videos. It’s astounding that the production is so clean and crisp, mirroring the best work out there at the moment in spite of the band’s independence.

That talent has seen The HARDKISS become darlings of the festival scene around Europe, raising awareness that Ukranian music is on the rise. And with EDM laced pop so huge in the charts at the moment, the stage is set for the emergence of The HARDKISS.

*Live video performing ‘Stones’, from Ukraine’s Yuna National Music Awards: YouTube.com/watch?v=pFl0habLqKo

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Saxophonist Rusty Crutcher ‘Romances Latinos’

This spring, Jay “Rusty” Crutcher realizes a dream with the release of Romances Latinos, his long-awaited instrumental album featuring sax-based recordings of the world’s most beautiful Latin love songs. A composer, producer and performer who has released 9 albums on his label, Emerald Green Sound Productions, Crutcher has performed with such diverse acts as Alphonse Mouzon (Weather Report), Eddie Daniels, The Emotions, Ronnie Laws, Asleep at the Wheel, Chris Calloway (daughter of Cab Calloway), The Coasters, The Drifters, Vernon Burch, and more; he also performed on sax and woodwinds for hundreds of film, TV, commercial and studio recordings. In addition to exploring his love of Latin music, Rusty is currently writing his dissertation for a PhD in Music Theory.

Romances Latinos, by renowned saxophonist Rusty Crutcher, breathes an even higher level of sensuality into what the artist/producer calls The World’s Most Beautiful Latin Love Songs, written by the Greatest Latino Songwriters and Composers of the Twentieth Century. The romantic mix of songs is anchored by three essential boleros — Without You: Sin Ti, All and Nothing: Todo y Nada, Unforgettable: Inolvidable — and its mood lightened throughout by such favorites as Black Orpheus: Manha Carnaval and What a Difference a Day Makes: Cuando Vuelva a tu Lado. Crutcher’s reverence for Latin music is clear in his performance, as his tenor saxophone wails, cajoles, screams, cries, and caresses. The brightly-colored album art is appropriately modern, reflecting the updated Smooth Jazz grooves within the eco-pak, consciously chosen by Crutcher, a nature lover. He is joined on Romances Latinos by a strong team of players, including David Das, David Pulkingham, John Mills, Bob Bryant and Dave Scott, with several additional performances including Joel Guzman on three row diatonic accordion. The album was recorded at Oakwood Sound Design, Smilin’ Castle Studio, and Rudy Boy Studio; associate produced by David Das, arranged by John Mills, mixed and mastered by John Howard, with engineering by John Howard, Rick del Castillo and Rusty Crutcher.

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Karen Mansfield ‘I Know You Know’

“Karen Mansfield, of Bleeding Knees infamy, rises from the sea spume to recapture her throne as the hopelessly hoping, brutally honest, deathly humorous, uncompromising songstress that made her first incarnation as the Jersey Shore’s (in the fucking best sense of the phrase) first female-hippy-beach-punk-folkie so delightful.” – Tony Pallagrosi, Former President and co-owner of Starland Ballroom and Concerts East, Currently owner of UMT PRESENTS

Long a mainstay of the legendary Asbury Park music scene, singer-songwriter Karen Mansfield is known for her soulful vocals and captivating live performances. Melodic and haunting, her songs ring true to anyone who has ever experienced the ravages and rewards of love and relationships; which is to say, to pretty much everyone.

She has recorded and/or performed with numerous artists such as Jewel, Concrete Blonde, Johnny Thunders, Willie Nile. Bobby Bandiera (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Jon Bon Jovi), Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live Band), Mikeal Jorgensen (Wilco), Erik Paparazzi (Cat Power), John Conte (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes), Whirling Dervishes, John Eddie and Vance Gilbert.

Her debut, self-titled, six song EP, released November 16, 2014 is available at Karenmansfield.com, Cd baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

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