MuzicNotez WildCard Battle: Multi Genre Round!

Three of the four Championship Battle contestants have been chosen, now it’s time for the final WildCard Battle to fill the last spot! This round features 8 artists from all different genres. Below are the contestants from all over the world. You will have 2 weeks to vote 10 times a day for your favorite to move on to the Championship Battle.

Victim Of Illusion

Song: The Day That..
Listen Here!


Torino, Italy


Song: Don’t Judge Me
Listen Here!


Philladelphia, USA

Cali Miles

Song: Firing Squad
Listen Here!


Cleveland, USA


Song: Suddenly
Listen Here!


Santa Monica, USA


Song: Ichabod
Listen Here!




Song: Dream Big
Listen Here!


London, UK


Song: Love Space
Listen Here!


San Diego, USA

Kitten And The…

Song: Don’t Touch…
Listen Here!


Brighton, UK

It’s hard to choose, because they’re all very talented, but pick your favorite to move on and vote NOW >>
If you have any questions how our battles work or how to become part of our battles learn more here.

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Yuno Verse & BC ‘Superficial’

While my Dutch brothers Yuno Verse and BC still aren’t impressed with my cowbell banging skills, hence the fact they still haven’t asked me to lay down some cowbell tracks, they have been busy in their studio, cooking up their next jam! And a hot jam is what ‘Superficial‘ is!

With this funky beat, hypnotic keys and when Yuno Verse starts spittin’? This is showing my Dutch pride and I’m not surprised they already got radio airplay in Holland! Mark my words, it’s just a matter of time before they’ll be crossing the borders…

Check in with Yuno Verse on:
Twitter: @YunoVerse
iTunes: Single ‘Superficial’

Check in with BC on:
Twitter: @TrackSettaz_BC

This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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Gospel artist Garry Moore’s album ‘Hero’

MULTIPLE MUSIC AWARD WINNING ARTIST! Garry Moore has a long musical history! He’s a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. Garry wrote his first song at age 12, and now has a catalog of over 500 songs. Garry began his musical journey at age 9 when his grandmother formed a gospel quintet of 3 cousins, a friend, and himself. He was the lead vocalist of the young group. Being influenced by the “Beatles” he picked up the guitar at age 10. His father also played which inspired him as well. As he grew older he sharpened his guitar skills listening to “Carlos Santana” “Jimi Hendrix” “George Benson” “Al Mckay” and other guitar greats.

His gospel influences as a teenager were “Andrae Crouch”, “The Mighty Clouds Of Joy”, “Rance Allen” and “Edwin Hawkins”. Other musical influences were “Earth, Wind & Fire”, “The Commodores”, ” The Isley Brothers” and “The Jacksons”.

At age 19 (1979) he formed the group “Garry Moore & New Joy”. They recorded their first (45) single the following year (1980) on the H.S.E. record label in Nashville Tennessee. Four years later he and the group recorded their first Album (1984) with a change in the personnel and with a new name “FIRE POWER”. The group “Fire Power” opened up for artist like the world renowned Grammy award winning group “The Mighty Clouds Of Joy”. The group continued to do concerts and record in the studio during the 80′s. In the early 90′s the group “Fire Power” disbanded while in the midst of their 2nd studio album and the material was never released.

In 1997 he recorded and released his first solo Cd album titled “You’re Never Alone”. He then followed up that project 4 years later in 2001 with a Cd album titled “Yahweh” which rendered the number 1 radio Hit Single “Come As You Are” Several songs from the Cd received heavy rotation also on college stations.”

Finally, after a long hiatus of 8 years from the music scene “Paradise” was released by T.M.G in 2010. Garry’s 4th Cd was released June 10th 2011 titled “A Blessing For You” which won him “The Indie Music Award” in Hollywood for “Best Male Gospel Artist” of 2012.

On October 22, 2012. He released his 5th Cd titled “Breakthrough” Which won him “The Indie Music Channel Award” in Hollywood for “Best Gospel Music Producer” Of 2013 for the hit song “God Is So Good” a “Nomination Certificate Award for Best Album Of The Year” and a “Nomination Certificate Award” for being nominated 12 times in 11 categories.

His 6th Cd “HERO” was released May 2014. Seven songs from the Hero album were nominated for Indie Music Awards in Hollywood. Garry won “Best Male Gospel Artist” of 2014. All of GARRY MOORE’S music is available on iTunes and all major mp3 stores worldwide!

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Open Mic UK: Audition Tips for Singers

With national auditions coming soon for their annual competition (enter now), Open Mic UK are offering these tips for singers who are looking forward to an audition.

Preparing for your audition

Singing audition tips for singers: So you want to impress at your audition? Auditioning for a competition and any part is about so much more than the way you sing in front of those judging you. Preparing for your audition and making sure you’re in the right mind set is just as important. So how to do that:

  • Practice!! Know your audition song like the back of your hand! You will be nervous in the audition room so the song needs to come naturally to you.
  • Dress smart! Dress like you would on stage. Make sure your image matches your style. If you sing like Freddie Mercury you would not dress like Marilyn Manson!
  • If singing a cover, put your own stamp on it. Maybe play with the arrangement or musical style to suit your style. Singing a carbon copy won’t show the judges anything about you! You need to think outside the box. It’s an audition, not a karaoke session.
  • Look after your vocals leading up to the audition. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and smoking and make sure you warm up thoroughly!

During your audition

  • The audition starts the moment you walk through the door. The judges will gauge you on your attitude the moment you step foot through the door! Give them a smile, it will be remembered!
  • If you have any demo recordings, place them on the judge’s table when you enter. They will see professionalism at being one step ahead with the demo recordings and may just take a little more interest when you are performing.
  • Time will be tight! Start your performance with the strongest part of the song. Songs like Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My love’ take too long to get to the chorus and on a busy day this will frustrate the judges.
  • The audition isn’t just about your image and vocal, your performance value will be noticed. Try to avoid being rooted to the spot, treat the area as a stage and use it!
  • Eye contact is essential! Avoid looking at the ground, give the judges a reason to keep their eyes on you. Engage with your audience which in this case is the judges.
  • Thank the judges as you leave the room. Keep polite and courteous. The audition isn’t over until you leave the room!

Whether or not you are successful, consider it valuable experience. Make the most of any feedback you are given. Use it constructively and implement it into your performance for future auditions. Don’t let it bring you down; if you believe in your ability you will bounce back. More doors close before one opens, you just have to be ready!


Check out our other tips for singers below and check out our 2014 Open Mic UK singing audition dates by clicking here.

Facebook advice for singers – synchronising your social media artwork and URLs.

Facebook for singers – using pictures, events and apps and networking.

Facebook for singers – posting effective content on Facebook.

Future Music is about to start auditions for Open Mic UK. It’s not too late to enter and audition in the next few coming weeks. To find out more and enter Open Mic UK now go to

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Partisan announce a series of live dates starting this Saturday

Manchester trio Partisan are set to embark on a string of live dates taking them from Manchester to Edinburgh and back again.

Risen from the ashes of Six10Repeater, Partisan are ready to lay waste to the music scene. The first track off their self-titled 3 track EP, Juggernaut has been picking up views on YouTube and is currently playing on SubTV:

The live dates start on the 23rd August at Ducie Bridge, Manchester – their first date of a residency – and end on November 21st at Manchester’s Castle Hotel, with a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe festival on August 30th thrown in for good measure.

Full dates are as follows.
August 23rd – Ducie Bridge, Manchester
August 30th – The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh. As part of the Fringe Festival
October 4th – Dry Bar, Manchester
November 1st – Ducie Bridge, Manchester
November 21st—The Castle Hotel Manchester

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Witchingseason unleash new single ‘Spiders’

Follow up single, Codeine, to be released October 1st

Witchingseason are a talented, energetic rock trio who are releasing their EP on November 10th. Receiving rave reviews nationwide, Phoenix FM host, Scott Sparx, commented that he was “blown away by their music!… and couldn’t wait to share them”.

Their first release, ‘Spiders’, showcases the bands typical rock style with a sound not for the faint hearted. Drenched in heavy guitar riffs and riotous drums, the coarse, melodic vocals are layered over the top to create a track that any rock fan can chant along to.

Drawing influences from rock royalty, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stoneage and Dinosaur Jr – to name but a few – Witchingseason have garnered considerable experience and enthusiasm for rock from watching these artists’ successes and innovations. Witchingseason also got to take steps in their favourite bands shoes when they played at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London. They have also supported Japanese Fighting Fish and Droppers Neck.

A personal highlight for the band was meeting Alain Johannes (Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stoneage, Chris Cornell) before one of his shows, and he was nice enough to give them advice and ended up talking to them for hours – even buying them a few beers!

The pursuit of a music career was not always a definite one as guitarist Tom Reynolds, at the age of 6, was told he would never be able to play an instrument after being diagnosed with dyslexia. Determined to overcome this, he got his first guitar in his early teens but didn’t take it seriously until he was 15. With encouragement from others, he began to learn a few punk and blues tracks and joined a Pearl Jam cover band playing in pubs and clubs all over London and Kent. A chance encounter at Tom’s 21st birthday party gave him the encouragement to start writing his own material and Witchingseason was born.

The bands perseverance has certainly paid off as we eagerly await the new EP due for release November 10th.

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