James Nighthawk “The Twilight” EP

Sometimes you just get sick and tired of all the big beats and screaming guitars. Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy music in its purest form…

James Nighthawk knows how to do just that! Giving you sweet, acoustic tracks that settles you down a bit from the day to day hectic life. I just dare ya! Grab some head-cans, sit back in the most comfy chair you have, close your eyes and let James take you away, armed with just his guitar…

He got a full album out called ‘The Twilight Sessions‘, which I highly recommend, but treats us with his free to download 4-track ‘The Twilight EP‘. Discover James Nighthawk the way I did, in its purest form…

Check in with James Nighthawk on:
Twitter: @JamesNighthawk
Facebook: facebook.com/JamesNighthawk
Website: jamesnighthawk.com
EP Download: The Twilight EP (Free Download!)
This was presented by The Dutch Guy
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