Composer and teacher Stefan Albert

As a music teacher for nearly thirty years, Stefan Albert has traveled throughout Europe guiding his students down their own creative pathways. Now in 2013, this ‘meandering maestro’ is set to releaseMäander – an album that reflects Stefan’s decades of experience as a musician, teacher and performer.

Stefan’s journey into music began as a young child. He explains, “I was told I was able to sing any melody I heard perfectly.” His early influences included both Operetta music and ‘Schlager’ – which is a style of pop music prevalent in Central and Northern Europe. Stefan spent decades studying at schools such as the Vorarlberg Conservatory of Music and the University of Vienna. He has taught not only guitar, but also music theory, vocal training and songwriting and composition. Stefan explains, “As a teacher, it was my job to accompany each student on their own individual musical journey.”

However by 2013, it became apparent it was time for Stefan to go on a new musical journey of his own. While he had already had many performances of his works at home and abroad in the past – it was now time to embark on another period of songwriting in order to create a new classically-based guitar album. “I chose to name the album Mäander because the music in the project reflects the meaning of the word,” explains Stefan. ‘Meander,’ in German, refers to the sequences and looping of rivers as the cross and curve through the land – just as the tracks on the album move in and out of various genres, styles and techniques.

Mäander undulates through compositions that are based in a revolving blend of blues, rock and classical genres. Rich melodic scores such as “Beli Tara” and “Suntar Gad” pass serenely through scenic soundscapes with complex musical phrasing and emotion. There are hints of folk emanating from tracks such as “Buana Am.” Other key tracks are “Ents Delgermoren” with its Bluesy roots, and Stefan’s display of acoustic guitar techniques within “Rova Asoa.” Mäander stands as an amazing musical journey as it flows through a placid peacefulness, orchestrated by Stefan Albert, a true ‘meandering maestro’.

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