Justina ‘Lord Have Mercy’

Sometimes I have a problem. I know, some would say I have many problems, but that’s not the issue here (I hope!). This time it’s a luxury problem!
I discovered Justina with her single ‘Unbelievable‘, coming of her latest EP, ‘Valentine’. Matter of fact, I already wrote a feature on it, till I made the ‘mistake’ to check more of her music videos…

Glad I made the mistake tho! That soulful xylophone, those sexy horns and the sister with her distinctive, unique set of pipes? This became one of my personal favorites of Justina, ‘Lord Have Mercy’ indeed…

Check in with Justina on:
Twitter: @JustinaMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/JustinaMusik
Website: justinamusic.com
iTunes: Single ‘Lord Have Mercy’
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