Beyond From Within ‘Free of Freedom’

“The music and lyrics LIV Beyond From Within”, the founder of the band”Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is a man of many words and many talents. Steve is from the city of Pittsburgh where he enjoys listening to classical music performed by the Duquesne University Orchestra on occasion. Mr. Andrews also likes to attend the opera and he is a big sports fan as well. Besides being a choir conductor & vocalist, by day Steve works as a Drafter for an engineering company that specializes in the (steel) metals industry. Obviously this Pittsburgh native has an artistic background rich in taste & culture, but for Steve Andrews nothing in this world beats writing & playing music.

The ironic twist here is that Andrews has absolutely no family history in the area of music. Steve’s father was a carpenter and his mother was a housewife. So then… Steve’s spark of interest had nothing to do with his parents/family but rather the passion strictly came from within him. The music enthusiast refers to himself as Beyond From Within and fittingly enough this is also the title of the debut album out now. Are you ready for some deep, simple & direct logic all wrapped up into one? That is exactly what you get when you hear the meaning behind the well-thought-out name and that is that “the music and lyrics live Beyond From Within your soul.” BFW is meant to take the listener not on a “magic carpet ride” but more so on a “soul-searching journey”. Steven Andrews goes on to say that “I would like people to say that the music and lyrics speak to them.” Andrews attempts to capture the hearts of millions by way of deeply-impacted and intimate feelings.

Steve the music man actually started writing Christian Rock songs early on, but he was missing something. He later found out that his distinctive music & lyrics were more suitable for the likes of the Psychedelic/Alternative/Folk-Pop/Rock & Classic Rock styles. Andrews is responsible for single-handedly popularizing & modernizing that groovy, peace-and-love/hippie allure. The 60s and 70s eras magically come back to life thanks to the sheer vision of Steve Andrews/Beyond From Within. But why now?—”I believe that it is the right time to rediscover this beautiful style of music and I have accomplished current goals and I continue to discover new goals for this ongoing project. I am a big fan of the music and bands of the 60s. The music & lyrics of Beyond From Within are products of that era.”-Aaha! When you think of Steve Andrews & Beyond From Within, think of artists and bands that have similar-sounding approaches such as: Donovan, Bob Dylan, The Doors, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane & The Who. “My personal take on their approach to music making is summed up by one word: innovation. They changed the structure and sound of popular music.” The torch has been passed on and NOW Beyond From Within attempts to carry on the tradition of making innovative & groundbreaking music.

Steve is obviously musically-inclined and the brain child behind the band. Andrews is the rhythm/lead guitar (acoustic & electric) and lead vocalist, with assistance from friends Nick Spagnolo on drums(reminds me of Keith Moon) and Dino Pandolfo( as Producer.

To think The Doors were a major inspiration toward the birth of Steve Andrews’ music and Beyond From Within. Steve studied the poetic lines of Jim Morrison and in turn he modeled the lyrics of Beyond From Within after The Doors. In addition to his many other skillful abilities, the music man Steve Andrews also prides himself as a sound lyricist/poet. Poetry is something Steve enjoys doing very much so as it has been a big part of his life & his music. He likes to take written poems and transform them into full-fledged, recordable songs. “The inspiration to create catchy lines comes from studying the music of other artists such as Bob Dylan who just so happens to be a major inspiration toward me as an artist.”

Original, creative, classy, refined, professional, left of center and sophisticated are all qualities associated with Beyond From Within. Get ready to jump in a time machine and travel back to the past with Captain Andrews steering this timeless ship. With a 9-track CD under their belt and talk of a potential future tour, nothing stands in the way of Steve Andrews as he sets out to exceed all of his goals & expectations. The group from Pennsylvania goes above & beyond to create a musical masterpiece from within.

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