The Extended Play ‘Fabric Beyond My Own’

I started playing in bands as a drummer when I was 16. I’ve been playing drums since 7, guitar since 15. Lived in 4 states through 15yrs,.. 24-41, NY, AZ, CA, CT. I decided 10 years ago to try a solo project and break from the rock band bs. The Extended Play has been something I stayed out of the way of. I just play, write and release songs. And I play most everything. Leo McClusky engineers, plays guitars, keys, harmony. Mike Tarolli sings harmonies and plays keys…but I play about 70-90% of the tracks and write all the songs. Grew up in Central NY. I currently reside in CNY. Mike and Leo appear on certain songs. I have a third release I will be mixing. It should be out this summer. It will be ‘The Extended Play Series Three’ which will consist of 7-8 tracks.

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