Nadine’s single ‘Holy Freedom’

Nadine is a 23 year old Architect by day and a Singer/Songwriter by night. Her favorite thing in life is to write songs that make the audience see what she saw, hear what she heard, & feel what she felt. Because as far as Nadine is concerned, life is a song.

At the age of 10, she performed her first piano composition to a live audience. Nadine currently can play both the piano and the Guitar. Since 2005, she started writing her own songs. Her latest song “Holy Freedom” talks about the current dilemmas taking place in the Middle East. It is the voice of those who lost everything in search for liberty. It was played on air locally and it is still receiving airplay in New York radio stations and was added recently to Reverbnations’ “Whats up radio” roster.

Nadine is shooting the official video for “Holy Freedom” at the moment. You can learn more about Nadine by visiting her website:

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