New Australian Pop-Rock Band Sleeping Baby’s EP ‘Idolize’

A new Sydney band on the scene likes to refer to themselves as “mature with a youthful demeanour.”

They wrote their first song together 2 years into the relationship, after an argument. Mark picked up the guitar after years of not playing & wrote some chords. Stacie soon realised that the writing partner she’d been looking for was conveniently residing with her.

Sleeping babys sound is a mixed bag of modern day 60′s pop/rock with riff driven cinematic guitars & melodic pop vocals.

The music has been described as; spaghetti western, surf rock, southern pop, with an anthemic / stadium sound. The duo also drew inspiration from Quentin Tarrentino film soundtracks.

The recently released E.P “Idolize” is highly accessible with clever quirky fun to memorable dark emotion & philosophy. Fundamentally the E.P’s retro jukebox-pop production values & at times, 90′s feel, give a superb opportunity to study organic music building techniques. The E.P has received airplay, great reviews, blog features & attracted some great musicians to turn this Sydney indie duo into a 5 piece band.
Stacie writes of self-discovery, karma, confessions, love & nostalgia with an uncomplicated but direct lyric. In an endless sea of new electronic music, the duo are excited to keep a traditional formula of drums, bass, guitars for most of the album & deliver tunes that are surprisingly timeless.
The two have an unapologetic worship of real original music & have worked hard on this project for years to get it where it needed to be. Taking pride in dissecting the songs with TLC & giving them enough time to breathe, they were certain they are the best they could possibly be.

With new additions, Mitch on drums + Brendan on bass & trumpet, together with Nick on rhythm guitar + Bv’s… the group have been working hard weekly on developing the new tunes for a live set & can’t wait to get out & play.

The point is very clear & simple these days… Sleeping Babys worked hard to write an album of songs that they found interesting & stimulating… if this transcends to others….that will be one of life’s gifts to a band.

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