MuzicNotez Championship Battle 2014

Welcome to the MuzicNotez Championship Battle! Now the 4 previous battle champs will battle it out in the championship to see who comes out on top the MuzicNotez Champion! In this battle Rock Battle winner Moxy and the Influence, Rap Battle winner MsPettie, Headbanger Battle winner Fatal Instinct and WildCard Battle winner Dalal will compete to win it all.

Moxy and the Influence

Song: Take Me Down
Listen Here!

Twitter @MoxyInfluence
California, USA


Song: Next Level
Listen Here!

Twitter @MsPetite516
New York, USA

Fatal Instinct

Song: Firing Squad
Listen Here!

Twitter @DevilsTowerBand
Vancouver, Canada


Song: Suddenly
Listen Here!

Twitter @DalalMusic

It’s hard to choose, because they’re all very talented, but pick your favorite to move on and vote NOW >>
If you have any questions how our battles work or how to become part of our battles learn more here.

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