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Childefy’s new EP ‘ZerO HerO’

Zer0 Her0 EP by Childefy Facebook: Facebook.com/Childefy Twitter: @childefy Instagram: @childefy SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/Childefy bandcamp: Download ‘Childefy’ here >> Childefy: to defy everything like a child. Using their music to bring creativity, imagination, and meaningful reflection to inspire a child-like view … Continue reading

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Stellarscope ‘Overblown’

Facebook: Facebook.com/pages/StellarScope Twitter: @PateticoRecords Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/StellarScope iTunes: Download ‘Stellarscope’ here >> Philadelphia’s Stellarscope are a staple of the indie rock scene with their unique brand of post-punk indie rock. Their music is dark and emotive yet it still has a … Continue reading

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