Ann Licater new relaxation album ‘Beyond The Waves’

Ann Licater is an award winning artist and world flautist. She has years of training in classical flute, and in Native-American flute styles. You can clearly hear her proficiency in every note of her music as it transcends you to a beautiful place of relaxation.

The latest and greatest album to be released by Ann is entitled ‘Beyond The Waves, this is her 4th full length album. She teamed up with Grammy nominated artists and producers to create this instrumental work of art. It includes elements of new age, jazz and world music. It’s the perfect landscape for your medication, relaxation and rejuvenation needs.

“My passion is creating relaxation music that people can use for self-reflection and inner journeying. This album has more layers which is intended to move the listener to deeper places while opening them up to experiencing an expansive awareness. Each track is carefully placed in an order that supports a 55-minute, ‘traveling meditation for well-being.’”, says Ann.

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