Sarantos new super hero single ‘Hero Falls’

It’s no secret that my new single “Hero Falls” lyrics was inspired by movies such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Gladiator. For the music video, I wanted to continue the tradition of involving fans in my music videos and offering them key roles. In this music video, the story originates with a firefighter and the daily struggles of this dangerous profession. This is delicately balanced with a nightime of comfort with the love of his life. There are heroes everywhere however so the 2nd part of the music video tells the story of an everyday person. It could be anyone. It could be you. It could be me. Oh wait, it is me! This average man decides to try and be a hero in the inner city attempting to fight the good fight. Of course, a homemade superhero costume is donned and the rest is history. Yes all the major Hollywood Studios are now trying to get me signed for this role and write the screenplay. It’s been a crazy week.

I’m kidding. But I am available in case anyone wants to talk. This super hero song of course needed a superhero in the music video. It was so much fun to do. I want to thank the participants and as always, I’m so indebted to my fans for all they do for me. Because they’re all I think about, I have decided to start doing a regular Facebook Live session Q & A with them. First one is on Thursday at 2pm CST on June 16th. Ask me anything you want! As Def Leppard once said, “Let’s get rocked!” As you know, I’m an open book.. – Sarantos

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