Canadian Rockers Darker Still new single ‘Never Too Late’

The Canadian rockers Darker still are an instant hit! Soon as you hit play, you’ll start bobbing your head, next you’ll want to throw the rock fist up in the air. With all of the overproduced, electronic infused “Rock” music these days, it’s a real breath of fresh air to hear a real rock group again. All of the classic elements to get you rocking are featured, powerful vocals, ripping guitar riffs, kicking bass and pounding drums! It doesn’t take too long to get hooked on this group.

We’re not the only ones to feel this way, they’ve been on the top of rock charts for months now and receiving rave reviews everywhere you turn. Plus they’re receiving air play all around the world, in Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, Canada and the US.

Their latest release is the single ‘Never Too Late’ off of the self titled EP ‘Darker Still’. The EP was just released November 15th. Darker Still has a very bright future and you can bet you’ll see more of them here.

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