Thunderbolt & Lightfoot new single ‘Let’s Be Friends’

Let’s Be Friends, from Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’s sophomore release, Songs for Mixed Company combines a melodious folk guitar style with resonant vocals in their new single. The enigmatic folk duo from Kalamazoo Michigan pours their collective hearts into the original songwriting of this sonorous ballad and it pays dividends as an instant classic.

It reminds you that the season is coming to a close, and you don’t quite know if that summer love is over yet or not. Autumn is almost here and you have to decide if it’s time for a change, but you want to make things last just a little while longer the way that they are before you move on. But no matter what comes to pass, let’s still be friends. Smooth as bourbon, sweet as honey.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Michael Clark

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