Bunny Sigler new single ‘Angel Eyes’

Check out how legendary music man Bunny Sigler comes through on his new single “Angel Eyes.” He calmly reaches into his repertoire, brings out this vintage jazz-standard and fills it to the brim with soul. His smooth vocal-jazz rendition of this classic is down to earth and aged to perfection.

Bunny’s resume in the music game speaks for itself and his extensive knowledge as an entertainer is clearly demonstrated by how he mixes his suave, larger than life presence with a cool, laid-back performance. Combined with a bold song choice, he delivers a handsome piece of original club music. From back when the club had a chill, lounge atmosphere. You never know if Angel Eyes will be there tonight or off somewhere else with her new number one. Confidence is very sexy, so while you have her in your arms pull her closer, dim the lights and melt into the heavenly strings and cool jazz piano. Bunny’s version of this classic deserves a prominent place in any romantic playlist. So open a tab and drink up.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Michael Clark

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