Nick Looman new single ‘Solarwinds’ ft Tristan Burrow

As if owning your own brewery in Newaygo MI wasn’t enough, Nick Looman’s passions stretch from helping his community to writing and producing his own kind of music. With its whimsical tones and thought provoking lyrics he is a local artist in many ways! His new single that he self released Solarwinds ft Tristan Burrow is reminiscent of the early 90′s music we all know and love! Its takes you on a cosmic journey through music and time, something I myself love in an artist! If im not taken somewhere with a song, I’m not listening! It’s from his self produced album Trappist-3 and its closely becoming my morning anthem. To me the song is about love and life, and how we all seem to take the path of most resistance. Our histories are always catching up with us as if written in the future. We are here, when we wanna be there. The repetitive chorus will stick to your frontal lobe and have you chanting through your day, but not in a Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber sort of way. You’ll reflect and be absolutely happy that you did! “Throttle Check, Mapping Check, Lover left Earth behind” if that doesn’t make you think, Then Houston we have a problem! I asked Nick what muses him when he writes music.

“I’m a story teller by heart. Almost all my music, individual songs, are a part of larger dense stories. Solarwinds is one of the demo tracks for my album Trappist-3 (a real recently discovered solar system with possible life inhabitable planets). The album tells a story of humanities evacuation of Earth and desperate attempt to travel for a hundred thousand years in cryo-sleep, with the hopes of reaching a futuristic human colony.” He went on to say: “My muse is my desire to get the rest of the story out there, and communicate the desperate emotions in an effective way. Also, music is my favorite way to decompress.”

Clearly he has his musical mind on straight! Music should tell a story, and us as listeners can decifer the meaning for ourselves and how it makes us feel or we can follow along with the storytellers that are the music writers.

You can find Nick’s music on or on his YouTube channel. Check him out! You will be musically surprised!

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