Bob Kasper & Borkovski Debut ‘The B Zero B Project’

Acoustic mixing of expert order makes the B Zero B project so much fun. Bob Kasper’s excellent rhythm playing and vocal, with Tim Borkowski’s understated, yet perfectly placed leading makes for a rich 9-song collection.

From the soft slappy snare of poppy opener “Got This Feeling,” to the Bo Diddly vibe of “Can’t Take It” the duo manages to move, shuck and jive round these tunes and bring you deep into their concoctions.

Kasper’s vocal, pretty much spot-on throughout, is especially strong on the ballad “Tomorrow Today,” “A Place I Don’t Know Where” and lilts above Rob Savoy’s popping snare on album ender “Grand Illusion.” On this last one especially Borkowski pulls out all the stops, but does so in a way you will need to listen to this album over and over to get all his nuances.

And really this is one collection you will want to listen to over and over, the songs are crafted to a fine edge, there is lots to each lyric and the production simple but sweet.

The B Zero B project is a killer debut.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Ralph Greco

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