DJ B-Wheel New EDM Track ‘Electroshock’
Twitter: @Reacttwomens

The European EDM artist Massimo Beck, is otherwise known as DJ B-Wheel. He has studied music from an early age, and has perfected his craft in the studio to create dance music. He produces all of his music, and has released a lot of it! His creativity expands typical house music to unorthodox techniques though. Massimo has worked with instrumentalists to give his sound a different take, such as a saxophonist, and plans to work with others in the future.

The latest release is entitled ‘Electroshock’, which you can view the music video for below. As he’s done with other videos, he uses a round lit up screen and places lit up shapes to it, all pulsating to the beat. This creates a visual expression of the dance song and is quite entrancing. Can’t wait to see what’s next for DJ B-Wheel, and you can bet you’ll hear it right here!

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