Joseph Eid Official Music Video for ‘Watch It Fall’ Out Now!
Twitter: @JosephEidmusic

There are moments in our lives where we start to wonder about the choices we’ve made and if we’ll ever actually match our personal definition of “successful”. Some even set a time limit on themselves, thinking if they don’t obtain that success by a certain age, they may never. And if we don’t meet those expectations, then what? Do we move on or stay where we are and just keep trying? Joseph Eid explores these emotions in his new video “Watch It Fall” .

Set in his apartment building, “Watch It Fall’s” cast of characters are recognizable and seem comfortable with their station in life, while his dreams “keep on telling him to go.” Eid leaves the lady who’s witnessed 40 years of dreams lost before she can tell him about the tenant who lived in his apartment before him. He doesn’t want to become another one of her memories, even though he’s been there far longer than he originally planned. “Watch It Fall” is both melancholy and hopeful in its persistent whisper of “go.” Here’s hoping Joseph Eid continues pursuing his dreams.

This review was written by Jennie Jamieson. Follow her on Twitter @Jamieson_Jennie

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