Tom Sylvester “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Save Us”

The up-and-coming solo rock artist, Tom Sylvester, is out of the Pacific Northwest. He creates every note of his music, and produces it. Tom plays the guitar, drums and is the vocalist. Currently, Tom is still working on his debut EP, so his budding career as a musician is just kicking off. With that being said, the music isn’t too over-produced, and you’re hearing the musical basics, along with Tom’s raw, emotional song writing shine through.

With today’s hyper inflated political climate, it’s no wonder his debut single “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Save Us” is politically charged. The song expresses frustration with both sides of the aisle, and a dismay for any real leader to come through to save us. Well, with time’s like these, no matter how you feel, the one constant is that music will always come through for us. Check out the single via SoundCloud below, and stay tuned to MuzicNotez for Tom’s debut EP.

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