Alternative Chicago Band Sleeping At Last New Album ‘Atlas: Year Two’

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The alternative Chicago-based band, Sleeping At Last, is nearing the release of their latest album, “Atlas: Year Two.” A followup to singer-songwriter’s Ryan O’Neal’s “Atlas: Year One,” Year Two is based off themes of human life. Each of the twenty-five songs are divided into one of five thematic groups: Life, our five Senses, Emotions, Intelligence, and the nine Enneagram personality types. Masterfully lyrical and melodic, the songs are varied and beautiful with an underlying current of love and beauty. If you have been looking for some softer, more soulful music to inject some appreciation for the world into your daily life, this may be the album for you.

The enneagram personality songs are particularly interesting, as you can take the test to find out your type here, and then listen to the corresponding song. Each song is beautiful its own way, “Six,” presenting the long instrumental intros and building emotion that Sleeping At Last is known for. The final song on the album, Nine, will be released on June 7th.

This review was written by Tess Humes.

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