Hellow Yellow New Indie Rock Single ‘I Don’t Care’

Website: HelloYellow.com
Twitter: @helloyello
Instagram: @rockygmusic

Oakland Indie group Hello Yello consist of brothers Dylan (age 22, vocals & guitar) Jaden (age 20, bass) and their friend Martin (age 20, drums). I actually listened to their debut EP “Love Wins” while writing this review. The sound of this group is Kid Cudi meets Nirvana. They conjure sounds that at one moment remind you of early 90’s Grunge, but it may switch over to a sound of soothing guitar and RNB smoothness on the very next track. This group will keep your attention with their blend of different genres that combine ad create something new and refreshing. This group has something for everyone no matter what you like. Even with all the blend of different genres you can still make out the west coast laid back sound that resonates through tots of their work. The EP Love Wins is only five songs long, but every song gives a different feel. If you have never listened to Hello Yello I recommend starting with the song Sins. The song Sins will give you good measure of what you can expect from this group. Another great song of the EP I recommend is I Don’t Care. This song definitely gives off Nirvana energy. The song gives off a rebellious teenage feeling that resembles that of Smells Like Teen Spirit. The ceiling for this group is very high and they’re definitely going to be on my radar for up coming projects.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Solomon Belle

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