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Old MuzicNotez Network Rankings

We offer a wide variety of FREE promo spots and options in our MNotez Magazine through our Rankings Rewards system that we’ve developed. Basically through the rankings we believe the more you have to promote… and promote through us… the more we should reward you with MORE free promotion. Below we have graphed what promo you receive for what ranking you advance to.

Levels Rewards Given
  • Signed onto our MuzicNotez label, so we can begin promoting you.
  • Promoted on home page and Backstage as new member

  • Rotating promo ad on a category site subpage (audios, videos, images).
  • Eligible for a Featured Interview by Our MUZICNOTEZ MAGAZINE!
  • FREE Audio Promo Published in our Magazine.

  • Eligible for a live streaming profile integration custom built by MuzicNotez setup for your use on our live streaming channel.
  • FREE Video Promo Published in our Magazine.
  • Promoted on our home page under our Headlining Acts Section
  • FEATURED in our Headliner Online Radio!

  • Featured rotating Ad on the backstage pages (you’re my account page, fan/artist/band).
  • FREE Stage 1Featured Promo Spot Published in our Magazine.

  • Unique LEGENDARY profile design.
  • Featured link to your profile off “Members” link on the sites navigation.
  • FREE Review Post Published in our Magazine.
  • Featured rotating advertisement custom designed by a MuzicNotez designer to promote yourself with more juicy details.
  • Eligible for everything MuzicNotez has to offer, and MuzicNotez will personally work with you as a direct agent to promote you even more.
If you have achieved a specific ranking and not received or been contacted to receive the designated reward please contact the MuzicNotez Crew to notify us and we will hook you up soon as we can!


Levels Amount of Uploads
  • “Criteria To Meet” – Refers to the total amount of uploads you have on your profile.
    • Audios
    • Videos
    • Image Albums
    • More inclusions to come…

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