PR & Editorial Contribution

Our magazine is compromised of writers from all over the world with a similar passion for independent and underground music. If you fit that description and have a passion for writing, you can contribute to our magazine. We accept guest writers, and if we really like what you’ve written, you can even get your own column in our magazine. This isn’t a paying job; it’s a freelance opportunity to write for a world renowned music magazine to gain free exposure and experience. If you aspire to be a writer as your career, this also is great for your resume. If this interests you, just contact us and we will work something out.

Press Release

Become published in our indie magazine and promoted by our full indie promo team/network. If you’re an indie resource, or musician, this is the place to become featured and pushed to thousands all around the world.
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Create some immediate extra attention for yourself by spreading the word about your music and who you are with a Indie Review in our magazine. We can review any new indie release that you have, just take out this release and let us know what to you want promoted.
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With every indie review you’ll receive:

1.) A professional write up by our magazines editorial staff of any indie submission
2.) Posted in our Online Magazine for life, over 2000+ visits online monthly.
3.) Promoted by our PR staff to 10,000+ of indie fans, musicians and promoters around the globe throughout our social networks
4.) Various social platform links integrated into your post to easily promote to your fans.
5.) Guaranteed keyword indexing of your band/artist name which helps your SEO
6.) Instant inclusion into our Emerging Talent review board, where you have potential to get more promotion and professional insight to enhance your image

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