Brandy Li

  • MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you Brandy, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.
    What motivated you to start creating music?

    • Brandy Li: Music motivated me to do music. If you feel it then you can’t help it. Plus, my uncle and brother were successful DJ’s; so, I was exposed to making your own songs and writing your own lyrics at a young age. Watching the Grammies motivated me, too.
  • MuzicNotez: Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?
    • Brandy Li: Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Prince, I love Britany Spears, Eazy E was a favorite I often got into trouble for reciting his lyrics. I’m influenced by artists today, too, though, tbh. I look up to the flows of Hopsin, Yelawolfe, G Eazy, etc.
  • MuzicNotez: You survived some tough situations when you were growing up and pushed through that to get where you’re at today. If you’d like, let us know a little bit about what you had to go through in your own words, and how did it make you stronger today?
    • Brandy Li: I came downstairs for cereal one Saturday morning. I was eating my bowl of lucky charms when my grandmother on my dad’s side walked up to the kitchen table and said, “Brandy, your mom’s dead and your dad’s been arrested.” I was six years old. What followed made me realize that the one person in the world who would ever give a fuck about me, is dead. I’m not sure I can count all of the ways it’s made me stronger. I tend to persevere and problem solve. I’m strong and strong willed. You have to be strong and strong willed with perseverance when you are fighting against circumstance to have a nice life in spite of the odds.
  • MuzicNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?
    • Brandy Li: Ultimate Goal —- “ULTIMATE” GOAL… An award. A grammy would be my ultimate goal. Mind you, there are a ton of goals below that; but, a grammy and to perform at the grammy’s is my 2nd ultimate goal. To be admired and appreciated by my peers.

      Particular message? – stay grinding and stay focused.

  • MuzicNotez: Your latest single release is ‘Touch Your Butt’, what was the inspiration behind this track?
    • Brandy Li: Honestly, I was horny. There was this guy I saw every day and he had a really nice ass. My label sent me a track and touch your butt is what came out. So, sexual frustration was my motivation, lol.

  • MuzicNotez: You have a background with T.I. and Iggy Azalea, can you tell us more about that story and set the record straight?
    • Brandy Li: Well, basically, TI was looking for a white girl. This lawyer, who happened to be his lawyer (Jay Quatrini) told me it was a successful rapper who was looking to sign a white girl; but, he wouldn’t tell me who. Then, T.I. came to an after party at a club where I shot a music video (after watching me at the shoot) and shook my hand by the stage and said, “It’s ok if you want to rap. But, you need to come correct, you know what I’m saying?” Shortly after I got on stage and spit bars for a strange crowd in a club and I heard booing… I knew my verse was dope and they’d booed prematurely; so, I spit it louder, and they shut up and started nodding their heads. After that, TIP came up and shook my hand and kind of hugged me and said, “I’ll admit, I really didn’t want to like you at all, really, at first; but, that was dope. You did your thing ma! I’m impressed.” I replied,. “Thanks. That means a lot coming from you.” Prior to that, his lawyer, Jay Quatrini, sent an email to someone on my team that he (Jay) was aggressively auditioning girls in the UK to “replace Brandy Li on her project…” I’m like, what? Why would he say that? How are you going to replace me at being me?? Well, by god he did bc then there was Iggy. Faking a southern accent when she rapped and now she sounds Australian in her interviews. I later dropped a song called, “Pumping Gas.” In the 3rd verse I said, “who dat dat can do dat for ya? True dat dat I do dat for ya…” Jay called Ulysee (a guy on my team) and asks, “What’s Brandy Li doing?” Ulysee goes, “what do you mean?” He says, “She’s got a single out now?” and blah blah trying to find out details about what I was doing. Within weeks, I heard Iggy performing, “who dat, who dat? I-GG-Y…” Smh. I died my hair purple and blonde for the song promos and shortly after that went fully purple on IG; then real soon after that (like immediately) they started dying Iggy’s hair purple, etc. And, this isn’t the only time. I could go on and on; but, I won’t. So, it’s basically been like idk wtf Jay’s issue was; but, Iggy’s been on my nuts from the jump. It was like they used my album, Nothing To Lose, as the foundation for her direction. But, what really hurt was that she doesn’t write her verses and when she does, she doesn’t write well. TIP wrote murder business, had to drop it on the beat so she could lay her vocals over his for timing, and then pull his vocals out. Which, is probably why she sounded so goofy rapping it and why it didn’t do better bc that song could’ve been super dope. Because of Jay calling periodically to see what I’m doing, I had to quit posting too much for a while. I’m glad TIP dropped her (if that’s true). I’m sorry, but their entire project was whack BS. TIP knows he did wrong, too. I don’t know if Jay steered him that way or how he got so mislead; but, actions speak louder than words and he did drop her shortly after Young Money started calling them out on their scandalous ways. Especially after the mf told me to “come correct.” Funny now she gobbles on French’s dick lately; probably for some career assistance.
  • MuzicNotez: You write all of your songs, what’s your writing style like?
    • Brandy Li: Versatile. It depends on the beat, the vibe, the tempo, the concept, or if I’m featuring on something for someone else and doing a verse to go with their song. Sometimes I’ll rap fast and flip flows, sometimes I flow 100% Southern & smooth like a TI (lol but true) or Jeezy, or I write more right rhymes and story tell like Eminem but toned down I think? My goal is that whomever is listening be engrossed and entertained. I just wrote an iggy dis track where I was just riding the top of the beat like a wave. I didn’t dive in the pocket much after the first verse. It’s funny ah. I went Ham on the juggs
  • MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?
    • Brandy Li: I have an EP coming soon. It has a single you ain’t heard, the Iggy Dis, the club remix to touch your butt, which TYB club mix is already posted on Spotify, apple music, itunes, etc. if you want to peep it out right quick. It’s a bit of techno, EDM/Hip Hop vibe. It’ll go out to the major DJ pools at the same time I deliver “the Iggy song” I haven’t named it yet. In about a week the song will be mixed, mastered, and named. Then we drop the EP; so, #staytuned!!
  • MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?
    • Brandy Li: Yah, please don’t think that just because I’m being honest that I’m a hater. Real talk is real talk whether you like it or not. It is what it is.

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