Barry International

  • MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.
    What motivated you to start creating music? What age did you begin?

    • Barry International: Actually, I began writing lyrics when I was in my teems..
  • MuzicNotez: Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?
    • Barry International: My influences are too numerous to mention, they are from all genres of music, that’s why my tracks are the ultimate crossover tracks..
  • MuzicNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?
    • Barry International: Yes, REAL Music by REAL Musicians
  • MuzicNotez: What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?
    • Barry International: This question is yet to be answered.

      I use to manage a hard rock band, we gave a concert in an open field-took home five thousand bucks.

  • MuzicNotez: You can’t be labeled as any one genre, how would you describe your sound?
    • Barry International: The ultimate crossover sound
  • MuzicNotez: You’re latest track release is ‘GET UP’, what was the motivation for this track?
    • Barry International: We needed a track that would introduce us in Euro Pop
  • MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?
    • Barry International: We have a minimum of 25 singles that are radio ready
  • MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?
    • Barry International: Our European fan base is rapidly expanding due to Europe’s appreciation of our music.

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