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  • MuzicNotez: We last talked back in May, what have you been up to since then? What’s new?
    • groovemasta: There have been a number of things which have happened since May! Firstly Groove Inc. moved the studio to a better and more convenient location, so expect a lot more tracks from me in the near future and beyond!!! Unfortunately that did take time away from me being able to create my music, however, I was working on some tracks for Mapinduzi Frequency so expect the first single to be released soon!!

      I’ve also been working on an animated series, ‘The 4 Misfits’, and I am hoping to have the 1st episode completed soon! In addition to that, I have been working on a few screenplays/scripts for live action short movies! To keep informed about shows/movies and release dates, follow me on social media.

    Twitter @gr00vemasta

    MuzicNotez: You have been working on your electronic music debut EP, what can we expect from this? Any idea on release date?

    • groovemasta: It was planned for end of September, however it will be more like end of October, early November latest due to Groove Inc. moving studios!

      I have been working on a number of tracks and at this stage I am not sure if it will have 4 or 6 songs, but keep on the lookout for my EP, ‘For Promotional Use ONLY’ will bring you some great new tracks and auditory sensory experiences!! Thanks to Groove Inc. as they increased my arsenal of synths and plugins etc. so I’ve also been able to experiment a great deal more!

  • MuzicNotez: What other singles or releases have you released in anticipation of the EP?
    • groovemasta: Due to the EP ‘For Promotional Use ONLY’ being delayed, I have decided to release the first single from the EP ‘The Revolutionary’ on its own as an early release! It is currently in the process of being delivered to all the digital online stores and streaming sites and should be live soon!

  • MuzicNotez: You not only write and produce your own music, but the music of other artists. Any exciting new projects in that arena lately?
    • groovemasta: I haven’t done much for other people recently as I have been concentrating on my own projects but I am busy with doing some collaborations with other artists for The Music Revolution. Anyone interested in doing a collaboration with me from anywhere in the word, drop me a line and we can Make some Magic happen!!!
  • MuzicNotez: What advice would you give to other emerging artists getting started on the path you’re on? Any tips to succeed?
    • groovemasta: One thing everyone knows is “Never Give Up”, so I won’t touch on that. I always tell emerging artists that the most important thing is to remain true to themselves and not try be someone they are not just to fit in to a certain music genre or something! By being yourself, at all times, you will be bringing something unique to the table (there is only one of You!) and you will be able to build a lasting career instead of being a “one hit wonder”! Also important, don’t put any limits on your creativity in any way; don’t limit yourself to only one genre. Allow yourself to experiment and try new things! Only through experimentation and trying new things will you continually grow as an artist, which is very important! You need to “grow” with your career or it won’t last! 
  • MuzicNotez: Outside of music you’ve personally worked on creating, what’s your favorite song right now? What’s the latest favorite artist to listen to?

    • groovemasta: I have been listening to Thee Chemical Brothers quite a lot recently………they’re always a great choice for electronic music and I see they are still going strong!! A great act to watch perform live! As to which song, ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ is one of their best songs and always a great listen, even so many years later, it is still a banging track!
  • MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?
    • groovemasta: Music has changed the course of History on a few occasions. I think it is time that Music changes the course of History once again!?! Music has the potential of reaching a HUGE amount of people!! All we need to do is provide them with Positive Music and carry the message; people will get behind it if enough artists get involved! Join The Music Revolution and help make a Difference before it’s too late!!!

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