Michael Egleton Revisited

  • It’s an honor to be doing this interview with you again Michael, looking forward to learning more about you!
    You’re about to release your album ‘A Look Into My Heart’, when can we expect to see this drop?

    • Michael Egleton: First I’d like to say thank you to Mr. Nick Galien and the MuzicNotez team for having me in your magazine.
      My new cd A Look Into My Heart Is available now through my web site and Amazon.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: I know it’s hard to choose, but are there any singles off the album that are particularly meaningful to you?
    • Michael Egleton: Yes there are particular songs on this project I hold dear to my heart. It’s because of there potential to help someone. Those songs are It’s Over (the remix), Why Does It Hurt So Bad, Hold On To A Song and a few more.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: You’ve taken a lot of personal experiences and emotions as inspiration for this album, as the name ‘A Look Into My Heart’ would suggest. Can you elaborate on this and further explain in words one of the more impactful experiences you were motivated by?
    • Michael Egleton: Well, In the release of A Look Into My Heart, you can expect “Real Life”. Music is written for many reasons but this was more therapeutic for me than anything else. It’s a part of me and my life and probably parts of many other lives in the listening audience which makes it real and the listener able to relate and hear the bell of truth that rings through the music and lyrics. When I was making this CD, I was full. I was going through relationship problems myself. I began to think back on my own life situations and how it may relate to others. How I had, for lack of better words, “messed up.” Where I had fallen short and I felt she had also. The effects and outcomes, late night discussions and times they were had. Example, my song, Baby Baby Baby (the remix) was in most part a real conversation I had had with my mate during a bad time in our marriage where divorce was a serious consideration for an answer. I needed her to consider our past together and what would be lost. Would the loss, outweigh what had been gained through time? Was this problem facing us worth all of the past? Maybe I could say or sing something that would help someone. I feel many of today’s relationships are too instant. Too quickly thrown away before every opportunity for success is explored. Too superficial. Infatuation is mistaken for love because the gymnastics were good. When the sex becomes like an old shoe, then they realize maybe we made a mistake. Reality is, there is so much more to love and a relationship than that. I began to watch other relational situations, read others on social media. Seeing the hurt and pain others were experiencing and then reflecting back to the situation with my Mom as in the EPK which inspired the song, It’s Over (the remix) and Why Does It Hurt So Bad and how she made it through. It was like yesterday. Some take the attitude, I don’t need you and after a time, they realize just how much they needed them. To show the listener, your not alone. Your situation isn’t unique. There are others going through or have gone through many of the same things and survived. How bad do you want it to work? How hard do you want to try? Like the words to the song, Why Does It Hurt So Bad, “….Let’s try again, let’s start off as good friends….”
      The producers of this project captured the emotion, true feeling and essence of my heart and what I wanted to relay to the listener. I guess what I’m trying to say to the listener is, I get it. I’ve lived through it, as a recipient and a participant. I watched my Mom pushed through the doors of life, not by her own choice, but forced to and made it through and that you, the listener, can make it! You’ll experience many different flavors in the music on this CD. Some, even as one listener said, when they heard it, “very unexpected” when referring to the song, Take A Look Into My Heart. You’ll experience the heart of my soul. Some class me as Soul, Blues and even Jazz. Honestly, I don’t think they know exactly what genre to place me in the music is so unique. This is because when I’m making music the last thing I’m thinking about is what genre it will land in. My concern is the listener and the message I’m sending in song while using my life example to portray it.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: You have received a lot of great accolades for this album already, how does it feel to have such a great response already?

    • Michael Egleton: People have been so kind and gracious to me. Many have said many nice things and given me much love and encouragement. It makes me feel loved and appreciated. I’m a little shy so I’m also a little embarrassed. lol Ms. Stephany Mills had tweeted some kind words to me over a year ago that were timely. So did Ms. Anita Baker. There have been many other heavy weights in music that has been such an inspiration and offered kind thoughts in the making of this CD. I want to say thank you. Thank you to my fans, new fans and well wishers. I love you all and I don’t take your kindness for granted. It makes me feel as though the listener, is listening and getting something out of what I’m try to relate to them. Maybe my music dropped in when it was needed and made one think about their situation. This is also a great testament to my producers who got the message across. Thank you.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: What was the production of this album like? Who did you all work with to create it and where?
    • Michael Egleton: Wow! The making of this CD was a learning experience! OMG! I learned so much about production, arranging and everything it takes to make a quality product. Working with Wes McCraw from Creekside Audio in Norton, Ohio and Samuel Haygood from N-DA-Groove Productions in Atlanta, GA was priceless. As the one music reviewer said, “…. these producers have certainly brought the “heart” back into music…”. They really did too. We were all connected in mind and soul. Right away Wes said he felt something about this music and it was easy to for him to feel. Samuel said the same thing. As each guest musician, background singer and guest artist came aboard the same things were said. It was a transcontinental experience. They took the music and shaped into what it should be. What could be understood and felt by the listener.
      Bill “Soulman” Clark, appears on Baby Baby Baby (the remix) and Like My Girl. His Soulful sax hits the spot. He and I go way back. Back to high school together so it was like a reunion. From school he joined the SOS Band and later the N-DA-Groove Band. He messaged the notes on his sax to where it was just right. Working your mind and your ear. Wes was guest guitarist on Orchid Trauma and guest Acoustic guitarist on A Look Into My Heart. Wow! You can tell he got into a zone and just felt it. Greg Rollins formerly of the Funk A Delics sung backgrounds on Like My Girl and was like silk. The Great Gospel singers Ms. Paula Depree Smith and Ms. Ginger Pittman-Vinson tore it up on the songs they were on. There was one song in particular where there was just the voices and the piano, Hold On To A Song where they took you back to church. This song has been described by those who have heard it as powerful, moving, powerful and the truth of life. After we had finished the tracks for the song, I came out of the voice room and looked at Wes and he was beet red! He said it made the hairs on his arms and neck stand on end. It is truly a powerful song with a Ray Charles feel to it. Then there was guest musician Derrick “Doc” Johnson on Bass and Michael “fingers” Oharah on lead guitar. Doc Johnson has played with the likes of Walter Beasely, George Benson and many more Jazz and Soul greats. Mike has played with some of the same greats and started with the Motown group, Switch back in the early days before members left Akron, Ohio for the lights of stardom in California and Mr. Berry Gordy. Michael Oharah has been accused of being the late great Jimmi Hindrix reborn. There is a little blood truth to that but I’m not at liberty to talk about it in this forum. lol Everyone involved with this project felt the magic and became closer. This same group will be working on the new That’s Alright (the remix) project.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: Do you have any plans for the album drop? Any release parties or tours lined up?
    • Michael Egleton: There are big plans being made as I write for the release of this CD. First there will be a concert in Akron, Ohio then there will be a CD drop party in Atlanta, GA at the famous Sugar Bush Club with the N-DA-Groove Band and Samuel Haygood. Last but not least there will be a tour planned for the promotion of the new CD. I believe the live performance of this music and the ambience of it all will be off the chain.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: Will you be creating any official music videos for any of the songs on the new album?
    • Michael Egleton: There are videos planned for a few of the songs from this CD. Its just a matter of which ones! Each song has significance and would make for an easy story line with impact. Once we’re settled on which songs the video will be in production.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: You have an interesting album cover photo, a mirror image of you one in color the other black and white. Does this have any meaning, who came up with it?
    • Michael Egleton: The cover of the album was developed by the award winning and BET nominated Blue-Artists Branding and Marketing Group.The EPK was directed by the award winning movie director and C.E.O. of Blue-Artists, Mr. Pierre Walters.
      The cover represents the two sides of Michael Egleton. The side people see and the one that lives within. Many would like to meet the one within. I believe once one has met him, they’ll see that he’s warm, tender, gentle, approachable, considerate, understanding and has lived a lot of life to have compassion for one and their situation.
  • MuzicNotez Crew: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?
    • Michael Egleton: I would like to say thank you to my fans, new fans, and well wishers. Thank you so much for giving my music and I a chance. I don’t take anything for granted in this life and one of these things are you the fans and your support. I’m nothing without you. I love hearing from you on social networks and reading all the comments. It’s so inspiring. When I’m down and wonder is anyone listening, is anyone there, one of you will make a timely comment and say something worthwhile to keep me going. Thank you. My objective in music is to help someone. Sing a kind word that may help someone see the light of day. Something to change a life for the positive. To make someone’s relationship distress seem manageable to try and direct one out of the darkness of pain and hurt through my songs and lyrics. Get my CD and listen for yourself and you be the judge.
      Thank you Nick Galien and the Muzic Notez crew for your kindness and support and for allowing me and my music to be shared with the masses.

      Learn more about Michael in our previous interview here >>

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