Mr. Profane

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Mr. Profane’s MNotez Interview:

  • MNotez: How long have you been a musician? What age did you begin?
    • Mr. Profane: Honestly, I’ve been at it since I was about 9 but started getting deeper into it around the age 13 or 14, but still wasn’t really all that serious about it til I was 19 thats when it transformed from a hobby into a genuine passion
  • MNotez: How did you come up with the name Mr. Profane?
    • Mr. Profane: Thats not really all that interesting, but the name is an acronym for MY REVELATION, PROFITS REIGN OVER FEELINGS, AIN”T NO EXCEPTIONS
  • MNotez: Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?
    • Mr. Profane: Not exactly who you’d think, my musical influences include artists like Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Ron Isley, even others such as Bobby “blue” Bland, B.B King and Muddy Waters, artists I feel are from an era where music still meant something and it wasn’t all about who has the biggest of everything, it was about a true love for their craft, they may have went on to be some of the most well known artists but it all started from a place of love for music. This is not to say that I don’t have other influences, I do, examples of these are those i feel have intelligence behind their words 2 Pac, Nas, Common just to name a few
  • MNotez: If you could play with any other musician or band… who would it be? (past or present)
    • Mr. Profane: Thats a very good question, if i could play with any other musician past or present, wow, I think it would have to be Tina Turner, that woman had an incredible work ethic and despite everything that she went through, she still managed to walk out on stage and give a spectacular performance every time
  • MNotez: What’s the music scene like in Gary, Indiana? How is it for an up and coming artist like yourself?
    • Mr. Profane: Gary, is my city and I’ll love it forever, but it’s not really a place for a musician to flourish, yeah there’s allot of love here but at the same time the opportunities to really do anything with your music aren’t there. To really make it to the “GRAND STAGE” so to speak you really have no choice but to venture out and seek other markets to be heard
  • MNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?
    • Mr. Profane: I think that for me the ultimate goal is for me to make it to a level in my career where I will be known as someone with a powerful voice that can motivate and bring forth a change. I know that some people look at me and see a rapper, a thug , someone with a minimal level of intelligence but that isn’t me at all, it’s much deeper than that and as far as a message i wish to send, I want to be the message and stand as a living portrayal that absolutely anything is possible, nothing is out of reach if you truly believe you deserve it
  • MNotez: You’re very open to collaboration with other artists, is there any specific kind of collaboration you’re looking for? What do you look for in somebody whom you’d consider collaborating with? Or any other genre’s of music you’d consider collaborating in outside of Hip Hop?
    • Mr. Profane: Yes, I am very open to collaborations with other artists, but that’s because i feel that the more people you have a chance to work with the more lives you have the ability to touch, who knows, what may transpire and become of something that began as a collaboration to make good music. When considering a collab with another artist the only thing i really look for is whether or not the artist puts his/her all into it, I put everything I have into every project I touch and just want to draw the same commitment from others. I’m open to all genres, not just hip hop. Hip hop may be my trade but there is too much other music out there to limit myself to just one format, as it stands, I’ve already co-written a christian rock song, collabbed with rock and roll artists as well as trying to accomplish something new with a reggae artist from Jamaica, I never stop, I love what I do
  • MNotez: What do you enjoy more… the creativeness of the studio? Or the thrill of performing live?
    • Mr. Profane: There isn’t anything like the rush you get from hearing the fans reactions during a live performance but for me the creative process behind it all is what I crave
  • MNotez: Out of all your songs… do you have a favorite, why? What influenced it?
    • Mr. Profane: Not really just one favorite, I have a few, but any song I make that I can just let go of everything an show another side of myself as opposed to the gruff, gritty, street made entity that I am known to be are the ones I love the most “Away From You” and “Breaking Point” immediately come to mind
  • MNotez: How do you believe the internet helps the music industry or you as a musician?
    • Mr. Profane: I feel that the internet gives an artist a way to broaden their fanbase exponentially and with a low overhead cost as well as have a much larger voice in an arena ruled by the media which in turn is controlled by a profit margin giving the advantage to major label talent leaving the underground/independent artist in a lurch scrambling to be heard, for us as artists, the internet isn’t just another tool, it’s a necessity
  • MNotez: How do you like to spend your time when you’re not creating music?
    • Mr. Profane: Thats hard to determine just because I rarely have any down time where I am away from the creative process, no matter what else I may be doing at the time, chances are that i have at least a pen and pad close by but in those rare instances when I do have time, family is key
  • MNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music?
    • Mr. Profane: I just would like to take this time and say thank you to MuzicNotez for giving me this opportunity, thank you to all the people that have shown love to me during my journey, it’s far from over.

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