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Once a month MuzicNotez The Magazine releases another issue on new music, MuzicNotez updates and indie industry tips/resources to help musicians succeed. These issues are all sent out to thousands in E-Mail format as well, subscribe here to stay connected with the indie scene.


December 2010

Hope everybody’s enjoying the holidays! A lot of new talent joined the site this past month, so check them out and give them your support! You’ve all been amazing spreading the word about us here, we can’t thank you enough! As a gift to our MuzicNotez family we’re going give some extra support in this issue for you all, extra featured videos, extra audios, and less to read! ENJOY! Read This Issue >>

November 2010

We’ve been really busy here the past month behind the scenes setting up for a lot of great new stuff to come real soon. Including a MuzicNotez online store to sell your stuff and to buy promo packages through us for cheap! Read This Issue >>

October 2010

We’ve finalized the deal with the Online Recording Masters to give all our members a 20% discount on professional studio mastering! Just contact us for info on that, also we’ve added the new collaboration feature, Magazine section with new interviews, and we have some MuzicNotez Battles news! Read This Issue >>

September 2010

Alot of big news and updates! New affiliates giving our members discounts on professional recording studio time, MuzicNotez Battles launched, new HEADLINER radio and more! Read This Issue >>

August 2010

Last month was a real big month for us. Thanks again to all of our musicians and fans making this all possible! This is just the beginning though, so keep up the great work. Here’s some MNotez news and updates. Read This Issue >>

July 2010

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a recent update to our MuzicNotez fans and artists, so we wanted to drop a line. Thank you artists and fans for all your dedication and hard work thus far, we have a few great updates that we would like to share with you! Read This Issue >>

And that’s it… that’s where our magazine all began, we’ve come a long way sense than and can’t wait to see what the future brings for us all here at MuzicNotez and the artists we represent.

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