August 2010

August 2nd, 2010 Update
What’s up MuzicNotez!
Last month was a real big month for us. Thanks again to all of our musicians and fans making this all possible! This is just the beginning though, so keep up the great work. Here’s some MNotez news and updates.

Roll Out The Guns!
For winning last month’s promotional contest and the featured home page promo spot! They’ve been rocking as much on MuzicNotez as they have on the stage! Check ‘em out, they’re a rock band from FL and are on their way up!
More From Roll Out The Guns

  What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

Have you noticed the new features in the social networking toolbar on the bottom of the site? You can now share anything on MuzicNotez on almost any of your other networks straight from here with just one click, and you can click “like” on any page of the site and it’ll post it to your Facebook page automatically while you’re logged in. Also check out the new live chat features, Facebook activity stream and the games!
  It’s Time to get Prime Time!
How would you like to have that featured home page promo spot for a month? Well here’s your chance… all you have to do is have the most profile views! Want an inside tip on how to do that? Just stay active, draw others to your page by commenting on their music, videos, pictures and blogs. Also advertise your page through your other social networks, and to your friends, tell them to help you out! It’ll b worth it…
Music Made Through MuzicNotez…
A special thanks to John Reid, Lou Barrett and David James for collaborating with each other on MuzicNotez to create new music! We strongly support music collaboration among our members and hope this becomes a growing trend. Check out these new songs!

John Reid and Lou Barrett  John Reid and David James 

John Reid
Genre: Experimental

Black Metal Box
Genre: Metal

Pain And MuZiK
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

by Buc The Great

Listen Here!

Lock Down
by Twelve After

Listen Here!

Off To Prison
by Verbal Terrorist

Listen Here!

Call Me
by Kram

Listen Here!
*FEATURED Crew Member*

Atomic Plowmule
Genre: Rock
*September’s FEATURED Fans*

Fav Genre: ALL Music!

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