November 2010

November, 2010 Update – Big things to come!

We’ve been really busy here the past month behind the scenes setting up for a lot of great new stuff to come real soon. Including a MuzicNotez online store to sell your stuff and to buy promo packages through us for cheap!

Trump Savage

More From Trump Savage
To Trump Savage for becoming a MuzicNotez LEGEND! He’s dedicated his life to music and it shows in the quality of his sound. Make sure you set some time aside to check out all his tracks and videos that made him a legend… it may take you awhile though… there’s a lot!
MuzicNotez Battles: CHAMPIONSHIP Round!
Congrats to David James, Roll Out The Guns, Black Metal Box and P.U.N. for making it to the championship round of the MuzicNotez Battles! This is an amazing group of talent and we’re extremely proud to not only have them on MNotez… but that they’re representing us in the championship round!

  What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

As mentioned above we’re coming out with a brand new MuzicNotez online store! This store will be available for all our members to use to sell their merchandise and music, as well as to get in on some of our newly put together promo packages!

There will be 4 packages… one for each ranking from Garage Band to Legendary, and if you have the ranking of the package you want, you’ll get a huge price break from us on it. The higher the ranking… the higher the discount. The packages will include merchandise, custom designed websites made by us for you, video media packages, magazine promo’s, promo banners for your shows and more! STAY TUNED

Anybody who has anything they would like to add to our MNotez store like merchandise, music, instruments or whatever just contact us and we’ll work with you to add it. Also any other ideas of things you would like us to include that would help ya out just hit us up, we’re here to help you in any way we can!

New Collaboration Platform!
Our new collaboration feature is a huge success. It’s pretty clear that a majority of our members are very interested in collaborating with others to create some amazing music. With that being said… we’re working on expanding this feature to create an easier platform for all our members to collaborate with eachother. Part of this new platform will allow for quick file sharing and communication which is necesary for collaboration online.

Any suggestions you have to create the best collaboration platform online just contact us and we can bounce some ideas around.

Genre: Rock

Roll Out The Guns
Genre: Rock

Dawn Draws Near
Genre: Progressive

Willie Humbles
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Friends Like You
by Lime Twig

Listen Here!

More Milli Ft. E-Stylez
by Black Wall Mafia

Listen Here!

Outta Site Outta Mind
by Kreezy

Listen Here!

by Bial

Listen Here!

All I Have To Say
by Sassy Vee

Listen Here!

Must Be Money ft Lil Bruno
by Brew City Ballas

Listen Here!

Oh Lets Do It
by Dre Tune

Listen Here!

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