April 2011

April, 2011 Update

Spring is in the air! Finally summer’s coming around and MuzicNotez has some fresh new updates for you, new music, battles news, promotional offers and more!

Lou Barrett

More From Lou
To Lou Barrett for becoming an ARENA ACT! Lou has returned to the new york music scene after a 20+ year absence. Lou has fronted some of the best New York musicians back in the 70′s and 80′s. Now the turbulence of the times has rekindled his creative embers, and some of his observations are searing.
Solar Zalavia

View More Here
To Solar Zalavia for winning the MNotez METAL Battle! Solar Zalavia, Murdalize, Twelve After and Imperious Rex battled it out in Round #3 of these battles… the METAL Round! Solar Zalavia finished on top in the end with 46% of over 4,000 votes! We’ll see them in the Championship Round, stay tuned for that!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

The final genre round is Battle #4 – The WildCard Round!

Good luck to all the artists! You’ll have 2 weeks to vote (ten times a day per IP address) for you’re favorite band, all you have to do is listen… and vote! (VOTE HERE)

Would you like to be featured in these Magazine Issues?

Learn more about how to get into our Magazine Issues/Newsletter, how to receive featured spots, audio promo and video promo Here!

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?
After this WildCard Round is complete… our final round… the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND will begin featuring the 4 battle champs, keep an eye out for it and vote for your favorite to win it all!

Our next major release on MuzicNotez.com will be our MNotez E-Store! This store will be a place for all musicians and fans to find everything you need such as:

  • Promotion
  • MNotez/Custom Apparel
  • Custom Merch
  • Music/Beats
  • Audio Mastering Services
  • Hippie Apparel/Jewelry/Accessories
  • And much much more in the works! (If you would like to add anything to our E-Store, or have any suggestions of what we should add contact us here.)
Featured MNotez Artist
Mark Daniel Uncle
Music teacher/song writer/recording artist, with over 40 years of playing music. Specializing in guitar, piano, bass and vocals he also has 4 singles on Itunes. (View More here)
Searching What’s this world coming to

Nick Shattuck
Genre: Acoustic

Left With Tomorrow
Genre: Rock

Genre: R and B

Fav Genre: All Genres!
Make Your Note,
April’s Winner!

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Mamma Ain’t Got No Mercy For Ya
by The Branded

Listen Here!

Better Days
by Phocus

Listen Here!

by Blind Rebel

Listen Here!

by Ifdakar

Listen Here!

Music IZ the key
by B4 Real Music Productions

Listen Here!

Keep On Pushin’
by Bondz

Listen Here!

Gutter Music
by FieldBoyz

Listen Here!

Undress Me
by She

Listen Here!

I Can’t Stop
by Yung Poppa

Listen Here!

Let The Hate Go
by Play With Drugs

Listen Here!

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