February 2011

February, 2011 Update

Another month… and it’s lookin to be an amazing 2011! We’ve got a new Rap Battle champ, completely redesigned Magazine, new Backstage area coming, new store, new music, new members, the Rock Battle and more!


More From Gunther
To Gunther for winning the MNotez RAP BATTLE! Located out of Milwaukee, WI he’s been singing and playing piano his whole life, and mixes those talents with his rapping skills to create a truly unique sound like you’ve never heard before. He’ll be moving on to the Championship Battle now, and Gunther’s next album U.F.L. (University of Fox Lake) drops on March 21st, so stay tuned for that!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

Now that the rap battle is over… it’s time for Battle #2 – ROCK! This round will feature:

These are some bands that will rock your ears off so it’s sure to be an amazing Battle, good luck to all the bands! You’ll have 2 weeks to vote ten times a day per IP address for you’re favorite band, all you have to do is listen… and vote!

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?
Aside from the upcoming Rock Battle… we also have a few other updates! Our biggest of which is our completely revamped MuzicNotez Magazine, this allows us to better promote our members, keep you all up to date with news/updates from MuzicNotez and what’s on our mind. What you’re seeing now is just the beginning and it’ll keep growing everyday, but here’s what we got so far!
Check it out:

And what’s on the Horizon?
Well as always we have a few things on our plate, but our next release will be a completely redesigned and retooled backstage area (My Account Page). This new backstage area will be filled with tools to better promote yourself, it’s gonna be awesome!

Would you like MuzicNotez to help sell you’re music? Merchandise? Would you like to find deals on the tools you need to help further your dreams of hitten it big? We’re currently in the process of creating our own online MuzicNotez store to accomplish all of this and more. If you would like to sell something through us than just contact us here and we’ll get back at you soon as we can.

Roll Out The Guns
Genre: Rock

Blackhoody Fam
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Andrew David Weber
Genre: Experimental

The Reaper
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop
Make Your Note,
February’s Winner!

Lime Twig
Genre: Punk

4 Stories
by Tygh Walters

Listen Here!

What They Dread
by Imperious Rex

Listen Here!

Whipped Cream
by Mandi Leigh

Listen Here!

Tofino ft. Project Pat and Ju-Ju Coleman
by P.U.N.

Listen Here!

My Mistake
by Daphne

Listen Here!

On to the Next One
by Dre Tune

Listen Here!

by Nick Shattuck

Listen Here!

Never Stop Dreaming
by Team So Real Ent

Listen Here!

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