January 2011

January, 2011 Update
Good Stuff!

Hello everybody! Another amazing month! Tons of new members and new music on the site to check out, as well as a lot of new updates throughout the site, such as our new MuzicNotez BRANDED Website Packages!

Mr. Profane

More From Mr. Profane
To Mr. Profane for flying through our rankings! He’s an Arena Act already and has 50 killer tracks for you to check out! He’s a young entrepreneur doing something creative specializing in Hip Hop music. He began rapping at the age of 13 only to become a multi-talented writer and lyricist. His style is a mysterious breath of fresh air, and an exciting energetic boost to the nervous system!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

With MuzicNotez Branded Musician Websites!

Want a personal website to showcase your music professionally created by the creators of MuzicNotez?

Take it up a notch with our MuzicNotez Packages where we offer you much more to take your music to where it needs to be! Get your own MuzicNotez BRANDED Website Package which includes many great features as well as getting placement on our branded portfolio display. We will also be labeling your MuzicNotez profile as a honorary package member and give you newsletter promo spots.

Prices for this website package vary depending on your MuzicNotez ranking, the higher your ranking, the lower the price! Let us know if you have any questions. We have many more packages on the way so stay tuned! View More Here!

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?
Aside from the previously mentioned new MuzicNotez BRANDED Website Packages we’ve added a couple new pages to help better explain what we’re about, and our first edition of our newly expanded Collaboration section. Now you can see all the artists and bands that are looking to collaborate, you can search within them for what genre and location your personally looking to work with and contact them from there. Check it out:

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Lime Twig
Genre: Alternative

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Imperious Rex
Genre: Metal

American Dream
by Phocus

Listen Here!

Are You Listening
by 4 Legacy

Listen Here!

Cocked N’ Loaded
by The Black Saints

Listen Here!

by Boston Dutch

Listen Here!

by Boombox Saintz

Listen Here!

ON 1
by Weapons Of Mass DeFunKtion

Listen Here!

If I had to do it all over again
by UL

Listen Here!

Celtic Rain
by Vilelmini

Listen Here!

I Have Lived My Life!
by Trell

Listen Here!

Ready For War
by Cash House Muzik

Listen Here!

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