July 2011

July, 2011 Update
This summer’s been amazing so far! Teamed up with The Emerging Talent Agency, launched our new radio player, re-designed our MuzicNotez Crew profile and launched the Editorial Revenue Sharing Program where you can speak your mind and make some extra cash at the same time.

MuzicNotez Crew

CHECK OUT THE NEW PROFILE! We’ve designed a unique new profile for the MuzicNotez Crew, this new profile includes all MuzicNotez news, new interviews, a featured track, our FaceBook fan page and more! Feel free to contact us at anytime through our new profile, we love hearing from you all and we’ll hit you back up personally. Hope to hear from you soon!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

Emerging Talent Agency
We’re proud to officially announce our partnership with The Emerging Talent Agency! They will be searching through our whole site looking for the best new music, of which they will be promoting the best musicians/tracks throughout our site in featured area’s, on there personal MuzicNotez Profile as well as on there various social networks.

One of these featured MuzicNotez promotions is our BRAND NEW Emerging Artists Radio, this radio is featured on the top of our site on every page and is available on most mobile devices, learn more about that HERE. Our Emerging Artists Radio is completely free to use and you can stay up to date with the newest music out there, add our mobile APP to your phone and listen to it at anytime… anywhere. Enjoy!

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

Do you blog about music? Are you a writer? How would you like to be published in this magazine AND make money? Well with our Editorial Revenue Sharing Program this can all become a reality! You get your own login area to post whatever you want, than just promote your work and the more traffic you get… the more money you get, it’s that simple. Learn more about it here and contact us if you would like to learn more or join the program.

Also as previously stated we’ve launched our new Emerging Artists Radio of which features our BEST MuzicNotez music… well using the same format we’ve completely re-designed our Headliner Radio. With this re-design we’ve limited each Headliner’s song’s to 5 to allow more even plays throughout, and unlike the Emerging Artists Radio you get to choose which 5 songs are included. So get those rankings up and you can be featured on Headliner Radio too, check it out above!

Blackhoody Fam
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Glenview Lane
Genre: Rock

Cowboy Cake
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Future Boy B
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

The Nasty
by Daphni

Listen Here!

by C.J. RAW ft. Shorty Jazzy

Listen Here!

Bars So Deep
by The Reaper

Listen Here!

Go Back Jack
by Izzit

Listen Here!

Play Again
by CaliDro

Listen Here!

Extreme Distraction
by Extreme Distraction

Listen Here!

The Road Of Life
by Mark Daniel Uncle

Listen Here!

Black Coffee
by Will Ready

Listen Here!

Big Legged Woman
by The Dave Miller Band

Listen Here!

by Jerzey

Listen Here!

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