December 2011

December, 2011 Update
It’s been a great year thanks to all of you! Can’t thank you enough for all of the support this past year, and we love waking up each day to find all the great new music on MuzicNotez! So here’s our Christmas gift to you, a full issue of some of our favorite new music and artists to come out lately :D

Chance Primo

CONGRATS to Chance Primo for winning the MuzicNotez Rap Battle! It was a tough fight between David James and him, but he ultimately came out ahead in the end with 48% of the vote. He’ll be moving on to the Championship Battle, show him some support! (Learn More Here)

Listen Here to the winning track! Sexy Eyes
Odoghan video for “Sail To The Moon”!

Young X video for “No Feelings”!

Burn Down The Charade video for “Will You Lead?”!

David James
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Country Bo Flye
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Genre: Metal

Andrew David Weber
Genre: Experimental
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Brake Lights
by Outcome

Listen Here!

Better Days
by Phocus

Listen Here!

The Life
by P.U.N.

Listen Here!

Letter To My Future Self
by Gunther

Listen Here!

Out The Blue
by Juno

Listen Here!

The Nasty
by Daphni

Listen Here!

Live To Win
by Dre Tune

Listen Here!

It’s Murda
by Blackhoody Fam

Listen Here!

Things Change
by Sean Landes

Listen Here!

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