November 2011

November, 2011 Update

Temps might be going down… but MuzicNotez is heating up! We have a new MuzicNotez Battle Champ, new Rap Battle coming up, hot new artists and fresh new music!

King X

I am a upcoming rapper out of Tacoma, Wa and been rapping for about 10 years. I got really serious about five years ago, and brought forth my own record label. I am a very distinct mc, yet I have my own style that no one has. I see myself as possible trend setter, and I can give the public great topics and lyrics over great beats, I fill. I believe it’s all about the fans and respectful relationships in this industry. I have something new for the game and it’s kingship. It’s my own philosophy that I incorporate into my music, but it’s also a way I plan to stand apart from other artist I plan to transcend the pimps, gansta, and party rap, it’s time for something new.

Listen Here! King Wips
Congrats to Exit To Nowhere!
Exit To Nowhere won the MuzicNotez Rock Battle, stamping there ticket to the Championship Round! It was a well fought battle between them and Lime Twig, switching from first and second place throughout the whole battle. Learn more about how intense the battle was and about Exit To Nowhere here.
What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

MuzicNotez Rap Battle

The next round of the MuzicNotez Battles will be the Rap Battle! The winner of this battle will move on to the Championship Battle and receive all kinds of free promotion.
Who will be battling?

Genre: Electronic

Big Jayxtee
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Lime Twig
Genre: Rock

Chance Primo
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Can’t Take No 4 An Answer
by Obvious

Listen Here!

Losing Hope
by Andrew David Weber

Listen Here!

The One
by Wejeileh

Listen Here!

Go Again
by All In Your Ear

Listen Here!

Uptown Swag
by New Era Music

Listen Here!

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