October 2011

October, 2011 Update

October’s been busy… and productive for MuzicNotez and our members! The Battles are starting up again, have some winners already, and exciting new releases/features to announce. O… and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Congrats to Daphni and Dre Tune for advancing from the Qualifier round into the MuzicNotez Battles! Daphni took 1st place with 58% of the vote and Dre Tune took 2nd place, as the top two finalists they both move on to the MuzicNotez Battles for a shot to get into the championship round and win it all!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

MuzicNotez Battles ROCK Round:
It’s time for the next MuzicNotez Battles competition! This time we’ll be kicking it off with the Rock round, of which will consist of 4 rock bands from all over the country. These are some of the best emerging bands around and will be sure to rock your face off! Stay tuned for the round and show your support for indipendent music.

As usual it’ll be 10 votes a day per IP address and will last 2 weeks. The band with the most votes when the times up will move on to the championship round, good luck :D

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

Premium Promo Subscriptions

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering easy to use cutting edge promo subscriptions! Starting as low as $4 a month you can receive our newly designed advanced promo profiles to better promote yourself, receive new promo tools and several ads included per month throughout the site and our magazine.

Along with the promo subscriptions we’ll be offering another new idea… a Virtual Manager! We know every musician and band just loves playing music, but not necessarily all the promotion that goes along with that to promote your music and be heard. Also with all the social media these days it can be extremely time consuming, so we’re offering cheap subscription programs for artists and bands to utilize our virtual manager to update all of your social media accounts and promote you seamlessly with just one click! Stay tuned for the revolutionary release.

David James
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Big Ten
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Exit To No Where
Genre: Rock

Sexy Eyes
by Chance Primo

Listen Here!

Things Change
by Sean Landes

Listen Here!

It Was All A Dream
by The CEOz

Listen Here!

Let Me Do That
by Young X

Listen Here!

by Scarlet Thread

Listen Here!

Nasty Time
by DJ Rambunctious

Listen Here!

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