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Once a month MuzicNotez The Magazine releases another issue on new music, MuzicNotez updates and indie industry tips/resources to help musicians succeed. These issues are all sent out to thousands in E-Mail format as well, subscribe here to stay connected with the indie scene.


December 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! With the year coming to a close, we will be showcasing some of our best new indie music of the year in this Christmas issue as our gift to you :)
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November 2012

It’s the holiday season again, we’re extremely thankful for all of our amazing indie talent, and our gift back to our readers is to continue to expose you all to the world!
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October 2012

Legendary reggae artist Jahmings Maccow, news on the rap battle, new Koniac Net official music video and some amazing more indie music this month. Read This Issue >>

September 2012

Summer has cooled down however MuzicNotez and the indie scene is heating up! A lot of new music this month, and we’re excited to launch our next MuzicNotez Battles competition. Read This Issue >>

August 2012

This past month has been great! Making great connections to further promote our artists, more talent signing up faster than ever and finding amazing new music! Read This Issue >>

July 2012

We figure the best way to celebrate Independence Day is with independent music! America celebrates its freedom, and MuzicNotez celebrates its freedom from major record labels. Read This Issue >>

May 2012

Summer’s almost here and MuzicNotez is heating up! We’re proud to announce our new affiliation with Independent Music Promotions, our highest rated NotezWorthy artists and as always… more new music! Read This Issue >>

April 2012

Our new MuzicNotez CHAMP Headstone, has been crowned! We have new music, members and our new NotezWorthy Ratings system to help reward our best music. Read This Issue >>

March 2012

HERE COMES THE SUN! Winters’ beginning to thaw out and spring is just around the corner. Seeing as it is March… we’ve decided to have a MARCH MADNESS mag issue featuring extra promotion for our members all for free, because we love you :) ENJOY! Read This Issue >>

January 2012

2012′s going well so far! We’re excited to announce our E.T.A. P.K./Virtual Manager being launched. We also have some battles news, featured members and new music! Read This Issue >>


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