April 2012

April, 2012 Update

Our new MuzicNotez CHAMP Headstone, has been crowned! We have new music, members and our new NotezWorthy Ratings system to help reward our best music.

HEADSTONE won the MuzicNotez Battles CHAMPIONSHIP! It was a great battle, with Chance Primo giving them a run for there money. We’re very proud to have Headstone represent us as our latest battles champ. They won with there track featured below called “Booty Love”, they have a very unique sound, check it out!

Listen here to the winning track! Booty Love
What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

MuzicNotez has re-vamped our rating system to more effectively rate and then showcase our best new music to come out. We have changed how it looks, how it works and what you receive when you’re on the top of our indie charts (Notezworthy Charts). We have opened up polling to all of the public, not just MuzicNotez members. So now it is easier for you to promote your content and invite your fans to vote for you.

Learn More HERE

No Introduction by PillzBury

Andrew David Weber
Genre: Experimental

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Chance Primo
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Antidote For Sorrow
Genre: Hard Rock

Big Shot
by Mr. Deagun Jones

Listen Here!

Legalize Right Now
by P.U.N.

Listen Here!

Bad Habbit’s
by Young Kropes

Listen Here!

Southern Voodoo Tomahawk Attack
by Dead Modern Villains

Listen Here!

So Many Wars, So Little Time
by 5MAN

Listen Here!

Smoke N’ Drive
by BeEeZy

Listen Here!

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