March 2012

March, 2012 Update

HERE COMES THE SUN! Winters’ beginning to thaw out and spring is just around the corner. Seeing as it is March… we’ve decided to have a MARCH MADNESS mag issue featuring extra promotion for our members all for free, because we love you :D ENJOY!

MuzicNotez CHAMPIONSHIP Battle

It’s finally here, The 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP Battle! This is for all the marbles and whomever wins this battle is crowned the MuzicNotez Battles Champion! Learn more about what the winner gets here.


Lime Twig

Chance Primo



Dead Modern Villains

In My Eyes by The SoapBox Project

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Keyboard Comrade
Genre: Electronic

Genre: Hard Rock

Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Only The Beginning
by Antidote For Sorrow

Listen Here!

by Pillzbury

Listen Here!

Didn’t Think So
by Ask The Kids

Listen Here!

by Child On Fire

Listen Here!

He Actin
by Awol

Listen Here!

The Plan
by Red Light Saints

Listen Here!

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