November 2012

November, 2012 Update

It’s the holiday season again, we’re extremely thankful for all of our amazing indie talent, and our gift back to our readers is to continue to expose you all to the world!


Our 3rd of 4 genre round battles has concluded, and congrats again to Candy Machine Guns on the win in the Headbangers Battle! Next up is our final round before the CHAMPIONSHIP, our WildCard Battle. This is a multi genre round featuring amazing indie acts from around the globe Pigeon Park, Soul E Baba, rumHoney, Justin Wellington, Andrew David Weber and Kingtown Rockers. The battle will last 2 weeks on our home page where everybody gets 10 votes per day to vote for their favorite to win the $400 GRAND PRIZE, and begins Dec. 3rd.

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

MuzicNotez Magazine is dedicated to exposing the best indie and unsigned musicians from all over the world, and so is Forever Indie. This is why we’re now working together, and they will be continually contributing to our magazine.
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She’s So Fine by rumHoney

Prophet Loc
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Sabrina Sabrok
Genre: Rock

Bloody Poem
Genre: Dubstep

Questions Of Angels
Genre: Rock

Fishy Times
by Vinyl High

Listen Here!

Killer Conscience
by David James

Listen Here!

Circling The Drain
by Murderlize

Listen Here!

The End
by Reload The Radio

Listen Here!

by Solar Zalavia

Listen Here!

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