2013 Issues


Once a month MuzicNotez The Magazine releases another issue on new music, MuzicNotez updates and indie industry tips/resources to help musicians succeed. These issues are all sent out to thousands in E-Mail format as well, subscribe here to stay connected with the indie scene.

September 2013

September starts the 2013 MuzicNotez Battles, this issue features the Rock champ LOKA, Rap Battles contestants and The Koniac Net’s latest video. Read This Issue >>

August 2013

August’s issue features new affiliates MTS Management/Indie Music Bus, a discount on our PR and rumHoney’s new video. Read This Issue >>

July 2013

This issue features Vik Valda’s latest party-rock release, MuzicNotez job opportunities and Siki Daha’s “Oh London” video. Read This Issue >>

May 2013

May brings you Esquille’s featured video release for “Heyo”. The MuzicNotez INDIE chickz and as usual… new indie music! Read This Issue >>

April 2013

April features the upcoming release of Esquille’s next hit “Heyo”, and of course tons more new indie music! The music video is “CALL 911″ by animal activist rapper IFEEL. Plus we release our MuzicNotez job opportunities! Read This Issue >>

March 2013

The March issue features country/pop musician Rachel Lee Williams, The Spins music video for “Never Let It Go”, new music and artists from all genres and areas of the world. Also the release of our affiliates program to help you earn cash! Read This Issue >>

February 2013

This issue features the music video from Swedish producer/artist Esquille, new indie music from around the world, more information on our extremely popular management and our MuzicNotez Battles.
Read This Issue >>

January 2013

2013 is kicking off with our MuzicNotez revolution! New site, opportunities and management to expose our roster worldwide. Candy Machine Guns are our battles champ, and Worn Out is the featured video.
Read This Issue >>


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