August 2013

August, 2013 Update

Indie Resources, Affiliates and Friends

We’re always seeking new resources to help expose our artists. Anybody who helps expose independent music is a friend of ours. Below are some of our latest connections that we highly recommend you check out if you haven’t already.

MTS Management is more than just an artist management company…it is a bonafide rock star in the music industry.

Indie Music Bus™ is a social media promotion company working with emerging and well known indie acts. Our goal is to have great Independent music reaching music listeners.

MuzicNotez Management 10% OFF

As you know we work every day to support independent music any way we can. Through daily postings in our magazine, these monthly issues, our upcoming battles (stay tuned!) and our PR Team. We go above and beyond to do everything we can for our talent roster. Now you can join the team with this special 10% OFF discount. Just use promo code MANAGEMENT upon check out to receive the discount. Take out representation >>

“Fix Your Mended Ways” by rumHoney

Genre: Rap

Campbell Young
Genre: Folk

Vik Valda
Genre: Party Rock

Nicole Nirvana
Genre: Pop

by Rebellious Jukebox

Listen Here!

Public Enemy
by The Vibe

Listen Here!

by Ramjeta

Listen Here!

Ain’t Playing Games
by C.Q.

Listen Here!

by Illicitizen

Listen Here!

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