March 2013

March, 2013 Update

Rachel Lee Williams

Rachel is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter, born and raised in the Detroit area. From the first time she stepped onstage to sing a solo at a sixth-grade choir concert, Rachel has known she wanted to be a performer. She wrote her first song at the age of 12, recorded her first demo at 14 and performed her first concert at 15. Her voice and songwriting exhibit a maturity beyond her years. She has been compared to artists as varied as Carole King and Taylor Swift.

Rachel’s debut EP Lock and Key was produced by Detroit legend Stewart Francke and Bryan Reilly. You can stream it on her website, and find it on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.
Listen to “This City” & learn more in her interview here >>

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Never Let It Go by The Spins

El Levite
Genre: Christian Reggae

Saint Sycamore
Genre: Indie

Genre: Rock

Genre: Rock

Death Of A Song
by Polarity

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by Rae Kelly

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Deep Blue Sound
by Ritz Gnarlton

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Movement Muzyk
by Xxodys

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Shake My Tree
by Iron Mike Norton

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