May 2013

May, 2013 Update

Meet the MuzicNotez INDIE Chickz

The MuzicNotez chickz are avid indie and underground lovers just like us! It was a natural fit for us to team up, and has been great working together. They continually help us promote our talent and find new music for us to check out. Hit them up any time!

Kristi Rockz – NY, USA
Kristi Rockz is a rocker chick, a drummer and an indie fanatic. She’s always either out to a show, or finding new bands to feature on MuzicNotez. Feel free to hit her up any time if you feel you fit the bill.

Hailee Mae – London, UK
Hailee is more in to the electronic, pop and rap scene. However she loves to rock out too! She’s is a writer in our magazine as well. Send her some music sometime and maybe she’ll write about it!


Esquille has released his follow up single “Heyo” and it’s been climbing in the charts ever sense! View the official music video below.

Genre: Rock

White Shag
Genre: Hard Rock

Andy J. Fredes
Genre: Metal

Fake Flowers Real Dirt
Genre: Indie

Do What It Do
by Lyrikill

Listen Here!

World Is Gonna Stop
by Iveza and Elements

Listen Here!

Booth On Fire
by Skubyd

Listen Here!

by IDzeroNO

Listen Here!

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