November 2013

November, 2013 Update

MuzicNotez HEADBANGER Battle Champ

Congrats to Canadian metal band Devastator for winning the HEADBANGER Battle! Living up to their name they have devastated the competition with the support of their equally dominating fan base. They shot out ahead for the lead right away and would never give it up finishing with about 40% of the total vote. Check out the winning track >

The next battle will be the WildCard round. This is a mix of genres, and the last battle before the Championship.

Indie Music Submission

We’re now partnered up with Indie Music Submission. Instead of endlessly searching for new magazines, blogs and radio stations to submit to you can just submit to IMS. Through one easy step, you create your press release and select the leads you want to submit to. Than just hit submit and they will not only submit you to all of the leads at once, but you’ll receive all of the leads to use in the future! You can also submit through us >>

“Love, Why So Far Away?” by John Haesemeyer
John Haesemeyer has combined his Americana/folk style with hip hop and break dancers in this new video for a self proclaimed letter to congress. Learn More >>

The Heathen Collective
Genre: Metal

Genre: Punk

Genre: Rap

Mosquito Dick
Genre: Rock

Animal Fair
by Little Brother Eli

Listen Here!

What’s Another Year?
by 4 Point Restraints

Listen Here!

Time Keeps Tickin
by Michael Annotti

Listen Here!

by Highpoint

Listen Here!

Forget Each Other
by Can’t Dance

Listen Here!

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