September 2013

September, 2013 Update

MuzicNotez Rock Battle Champ

The first battle of the competition is complete and we have a new champion. Japanese rock band LOKA won the MuzicNotez Rock Battle! Their fan base put them ahead from the beginning and showed tons of support throughout. LOKA finished with over 50% of the nearly 3,000 votes and will be moving on to the championship round.
Check out the winning track & music video here >>

Next Up… Rap Battle!

Next up is the Rap Battle, featuring 6 rap and hip hop artists from all over the world. This is shaping up to be one of the best rap battles we’ve ever had. You can check out the artists below and vote for your favorite here >>

“Bricks” by The Koniac Net

John Haesemeyer
Genre: Folk

Siki Daha
Genre: Lounge Pop

Keith Lauher
Genre: Acoustic Guitar

Genre: Rap

Revolution Of Pi
by Ten A Penny

Listen Here!

Rebel’s Dance
by Dark Matter

Listen Here!

You Better Hope
by The Hook Up

Listen Here!

by Tankred

Listen Here!

by Spaceship Days

Listen Here!

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