April 2014

April, 2014 Update

Dubstep artist Convulsic’s new EP

Convulsic is a Dubstep artist from San Diego. He has come a long way sense releasing his debut EP ‘Syndrome’ in 2012. Currently Convulsic has reached the #47 spot for national radio airplay in the Hip Hop and R&B charts. Also he is #1 in the US on Reverbnation for Dubstep, and has also been featured at #8 on Billboards for “The Next Big Sound” on March 27th.

You can learn more about Convulsic in our recent interview with him. There you’ll also find the trailer for his upcoming music video for ‘Love Space’. Now you can also get an exclusive look at Convulsic’s new single ‘Strangers‘ off of his upcoming EP which will be released soon. A lot more to come, so stay tuned! Download Convulsics music here >>

NEW Tie Dye Designs Added

We added some new tie dye shirt designs to our Hippie Zone! 7 total, view a few of them below, but also check out the full section in our store to see the rest. These are all of the highest quality you’ll ever find guaranteed.

View the full selection of tie dye shirts here >>

‘Dearest (I’m So Sorry)’
by Picture Me Broken

Genre: Electric Rock

Glaucio Groff
Genre: Latin Composer

Chris Mays
Genre: Rap

Billberg Ent.
Genre: Rock Label

by Masses Beware

Listen Here!

Mary Jane
by MileStone

Listen Here!

Ardent Companion
by The Koniac Net

Listen Here!

Bourbon Whiskey
by Urban Bleu

Listen Here!

by Tawny River

Listen Here!

False Hope

Listen Here!

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